Heartwarming: Power Rangers GPX

  • After the events of episode 6 in SIU, Sean comforts the visibly shaken and scared Maria.
  • The Rangers gladly accepting Arquen and Eruvanda into their house. It says something about Sean, who can easily hold a grudge for a long time forgiving them for everything.
  • From a probably non-canonical side story posted on the author's Tumblr page, Sean and Maria are having tea and coffee with Arquen and Eruvanda.
    • From the same side story: Sean giving the reason for why a Hitomi-Gina relationship would be a bad idea. It's in his typical abrasive and confrontational way, but explaining that Hitomi will die before Gina ever does is a symbol of how much he genuinely cares for the people around him, even if he's sounding like a jerk.
  • The Group Hug everyone gives Maria in the wake of her best friend's death, followed by a You Are Not Alone speech.
  • Sean defending every single child raised by a loving same-sex family.
    Sean: "Right, because two women who love each other and raising a wonderful family is more unnatural than someone as hateful as you are."
  • Les Yay aside, Gina going out of her way to comfort Hitomi after a Hannibal Lecture delivered by her grandmother—even with fully exposing her elf ears to the world and declaring that she'd do anything for her best friend. She later helps her with her Character Development.