Funny / MadWorld

  • ANYTHING said by the Commentators Howard and Kreese... Which is to say 99% of the game.
    Howard: Well, DUH! It's a mathematical fact that there can only be one number one!
    Kreese: For the last fucking time, NOBODY SAID THERE'D BE MATH!!!!!!!
    • "Jack is ramming himself against Kojack!" "So basically, Jack is ramming himself against himself. We are watching the most violent masturbation ever!" "(Chuckles) This is nothing..."
    • "More proof that there's nothing a liberal dose of pharmaceuticals won't fix! This message is brought to you by drugs. Drugs: take them often and indiscriminately!"
  • Although Jack is a little TOO straight-laced to really match the zaniness of Howard, Kreese, or the Baron, his sheer Deadpan Snarkiness more than makes up for it: for example, in the opening cutscene of level two, after Agent XIII demanded to know where Jack ran off to:
    Jack: (Riding up on his motorcycle) So... this is the strip. Think I have enough time for a lap-dance?
  • A sample conversation from the announcers:
    Howard: It's my favorite time of day again!
    Kreese: Ooh, time to huff some paint?
    Howard: No.
    Kreese: Time to take a dump?
    Howard: No.
    Kreese: Well then I give up, what time is it?
    Howard: Time for another Bloodbath Challenge!
    Kreese: Whatever - if you need me, I'll be taking a dump while huffing some paint...
    Howard: So predictable.
  • Howard: Awesome rack on her though! Explanation 
    Kreese: Aw, true that!