Funny / Lackadaisy


  • Aunt Nina telling Freckle and Rocky about Saint Patrick's Day in a bonus comic. She begins with a spiel about their rich Irish heritage and myths about fairies, leprechauns, and whathaveyou... before telling the boys that this means it's time for church. To celebrate the banishing of all that superstitious heathen nonsense.
    Nina: Sit up straight or the devil will steal your backbone... and lash you with it for all eternity.
  • When asked why she picked cats and if she could draw the characters as anything else, Tracy drew them all as the Lackatater Potatoes. It was that or Tetris pieces.
  • A fan comments on the intensity of Mordecai, Rocky, Serafine, and Zib's eyebrows. Tracy made another bonus comic on the so-called "League of Extraordinary Eyebrows"; featuring Rocky's—which are apparently the source of his pyrotechnic expertise—Zib's—which are extra flexible so he can be extra sarcastic—Serafine's—which stabbed a man 88 times to prove that looks can kill—and Mordecai's, which correct people's grammar and enforce symmetry.
  • Tracy explains in a comic why the boys don't have long hair. Rocky becomes a rock-star, Freckle's hair went out of style so fast it proved fatal, Viktor took up bounty hunting, and Mordecai—with an asymmetrical hairstyle—tried to flee his hair on foot. He collapsed from exhaustion in Missouri.
  • Viktor: GLARE BEAM.
    • And in that same page: "You mean in the struggle-buggy! *wink wink*"
    • "...soIwashopingafteryoupunchmethroughawallyoucould..."
  • In a bonus comic, Rocky and Mordecai have a philosophical debate. About waffles.
    "You can't just go around opting out of critical analysis by preemptively declaring yourself pointless."
    "I never argued they were suitable for consumption. I was playing waffle's advocate."
    "We may have stumbled upon a sort of... breakfast paradox. To wit... there is no answer. Only absurdity. And french toast."
  • In yet another of Rocky's childhood pancake-trips, he attempts to leave the house wearing "breakfast sleeves," i.e. pancakes strung on both arms (and one atop his head). This is funny enough, but then he mistakes his aunt Nina's voice for that of God and she, desperate to get him to cooperate, rolls with it. Then she goes to confession over it.
    Priest: "... Did you say impersonating the almighty?"
  • Mordecai's reaction to the chicken at Serafine's Voodoo gathering is priceless.
    Nico: Don' worry. You missed most de fun parts.
    Mordecai: The fun parts of what, exactly?
    Nico: A fete, exactly, Peekon.
    Serafine: For our patron, Maitre Carrefour.
    Mordecai: The chicken?
    Serafine: Behind dat.
  • Virgil pulling out a tooth and offering it to Zib for a dollar was funny in a disgusting way.


  • Rocky's attempts to scare Wick off so he can have Mitzi to himself.
    "Maybe you should ask her husband. ...Oh wait. You can't. HE'S DEAD."
  • All of the hijinks at the pig farm—the ones that weren't terrifying at least. Special mention goes to Rocky deciding that to make sure the burning car hits the barn he's going to have to drive it himself.
    Rocky: Are you questioning my logic?
  • Based on the above exchange Tracy made an image of Rocky in a pickle car. "Are you questioning my pickle car?"
  • Rocky and Ivy running from the hearse in a corn field.
    Rocky: NO! Why isn't the corn tall enough!? This is terrible corn!"
    • Followed shortly by, "This barn is useless!"
  • Pretty much all of Rocky's letters in Correspondence, especially "Meat catches on fire easier than I would've guessed. So do I, as it turns out."
    • "Aunt Nina, I'm sorry I turned your only child into a gun slinging outlaw maniac."
  • A fan asked if it was weird that she was attracted to Rocky. Tracy responded with this comic, with Zib's deadpan face looking judgementally at the reader saying the answer: Yes, yes it is.
  • Whenever Rocky eats pancakes he experiences something resembling an acid trip.
  • Rocky's... thing... for Mitzy, a cactus wrapped in a bow with googly eyes and clenched teeth. She says he should hold onto it.
  • Nina choosing to drop Rocky down the stairs when he's characteristically snarky about her questions.
  • Mitzi gives Rocky a compliment. There are no survivors.

Viktor and / or Mordecai

  • Pretty much anything from the Adventures of Mordecai and Victor is utterly hilarious:
    • Mordecai's attempt to make a "smoldering" face at a girl.
    Mordecai: Am I doing it now?
    Viktor: No.
    Mordecai: Is this it?
    Viktor: Maybe happier, a little bit.
    Mordecai: How is thi-
    Viktor: NO.
    • From that same comic, Viktor offhandedly appends "with ice pick, probably" to his description of Mordecai's murderous glare. Mordecai protests that "that wasn't remotely like the ice pick look." Emphasis added.
    • The comic where Mordecai and Viktor are driving a poor schmuck in their backseat (who is likely riding to his death) and Mordecai gets increasingly angry over him moving to either side of the seat and throwing off the symmetry of the car. It turns out every time he started crying, Viktor would glare at him until he scooted away.
    • Mordecai and Viktor greet a group of carolers on Christmas, covered in dripping red stains after they've been pulverizing... cranberries.
    Mordecai: Where'd you get this recipe for cranberry sauce anyway? You're not just making this up are you?
    Mordecai: And I'd like the name of party-planner who volunteered us for this... so I can share with them my own little recipe.
    Mordecai: For murder
    Mordecai: Pie.
    • Mordecai following what was apparently a sizable massacre perpetrated by himself and Viktor. He tries to express his "distress" over what happened, coming off as increasingly unconvincing to a staring Viktor, before finally giving up and saying he'll never understand "sentimental types" like him. And then...
    • The fact that Mordecai shot their getaway driver, Sniffles, because he had a runny nose.
  • In a bonus comic, Tracey draws Mordecai smoothly exiting a building and walking back into a street, checking his watch, and being very orderly. ...All with a Stab Me note taped to his back.
  • Drunk Mordecai and his ramblings about how great Viktor is, with an embarrassed Viktor sliding away in the background.
  • Apparently, a good day for Viktor involves winning "all of the money" and then using said money to buy a rather sizable amount of land. Sounds like a normal enough goal, until you actually see the particulars.
  • The comic made in response to a reader question on What Mordecai and Viktor think of their shippers, and the author's note afterwards:
    "The very premise of this question caused Viktor to die laughing. Then Mordecai short-circuited. Well played."
  • When a reader asked Why Mordecai cleaned up the store room after stealing the firearms, Tracey made a comic of him coming in and getting a spider on his coat. He frantically thrashes about and finally kills it, only to look up and see rats all over the shelves. Cue a look of total horror as one of the rats offers him a piece of cracker.
  • One of the bonus comics from before Mordecai left Lackadaisy ends with Mitzi telling Mordecai that everyone assumes he has short arms because he's wearing Atlas' shirts, then taking his horrified picture. There's a little bonus doodle at the bottom of him exhibiting his arms in front of a confused Viktor.
    Mordecai: "My arms are regular length. Good day."
  • Mordechai's reaction to flirting. He decides to study a ficus tree.
    Mordechai: It's an excellent ficus. (looks back, girls are still there) I wish I were this ficus.


  • Zib trying to stop Mitzi and Virgil from killing each other over a pearl.
    "Hey, come on! What’s the matter with you both? Can we just stop before somebody gets-"
    "Never mind."
  • This conversation when Zib's in jail:
    Dom: You look down on your luck.
    Zib: Does it show?
    • And a few panels before that, when the cops imply to Zib that they're stealing his money:
    Zib: Ha ha ha. Oh, you wags. Oh, goodness.
    Zib: I hate everybody.
    • Zib and Mitzi's conversation as he's sitting in front of a shop front:
    Zib: I figured I'd practice sitting around looking troubled and pensive.
    Mitzi: Well, you've succeeded in looking like a grimy doormat.
    • In Volume 1, there's a scene with Zib and Rocky mistakenly coming to help Viktor with bringing down the booze, not realizing that he's being attacked by pig farmers:
    Zib: *Fake jazz hands* "Hurray."
  • Then there's Zib trying to convince Mitzi to kick out all of the guests, to prevent them being slaughtered by the pig farmers.
    Zib: "Pardon me. I just stopped by to inform you we're all going to die."
  • A reader once asked Tracy if Zib ever smiles. Cue a comic of Zib smiling and then calling in sick with facial strain. Notable especially because much of the humor of Zib comes from his facial expressions in the first place.
  • Sorry, going this way now. Can't stop. Too much momentum.

Other Characters

  • Freckle:
    • The frantic way that Rocky tries to calm Freckle down after his rampage on the pig farmers and Freckle's reaction to them.
    Rocky: "I'll make you a sandwich!"
    Freckle:"AAAUGHOHGODI don't want a sandwich!"
    • After hinting at the incident in a bonus comic, Tracy finally made another comic that showed the young Freckle with a shaved face. His mother's horrified face is priceless.
  • Mitzi:
    • Her many deadpan snarker-isms, in and out of the comic proper:
    Rocky: Besides, shouldn't we revel in the opportunity to suffer for our art?
    Mitzi: Zib, go suffer for your art.

    Viktor: I think maybe I'd like vearing [the tuxedo] to your funeral.
    Viktor: Okay, see? I make a compromise.
    Mitzi: That wasn't a compromise, Viktor, that was a threat. You always get those confused.

    Rocky: *Beaten and bloodied* If you don't mind, I'm going to lay on the floor here and twitch for a while.
    Mizti: Maybe it's time I hired you some help.
    Mitzi: *Continues typing*

    • Her example of Digging Yourself Deeper with Wick, who tells her that Rocky implied she'd hired him to murder Atlas.
    Mitzi: Oh, damn. Now I'm going to have to hire someone to murder Rocky.
    Mitzi: I'm kidding, Wick. That was a joke. I'd never do a thing like that.
    Mitzi: ...Not when I could just wring his skinny neck with my own bare hands.
    Mitzi: No. I'm kidding. ...He'd do it himself if I asked him nicely. No, really. I'm joking. ...Except he really would.
    • Then...
    Mitzi: The whole basis for this conversation is absurd.
    Mitzi: Rocky's name is definitely not on my murderers-for-hire roster.
    Mitzi: ...You stopped rowing.
    • Mitzi, after falling asleep with her make up on. Rocky apologizes for insulting her clown costume when he screams upon seeing her.
  • Wick:
    • The bonus comic where he managed to shoot a duck once and then it has literally haunted him his whole life, quacking at him and appearing at the most inconvenient moments. Like when he's talking to Lacy.
  • Abelard Arbogast and Ivy, as he's trying to preach at her and she screams and fires in his direction, mistaking him for a giant spider.
    "But... Hellfire." :C
    • And Ivy's D: expression before that.