Heartwarming / Lackadaisy

  • When we find out in the comic why Mitzi is so attached to her pearls. It was the first thing that Atlas ever gave her, and despite her having a bawdy occupation as a dancer at the time, it made her feel like a lady. Awww.
  • Ivy responds to her Viktor/Ivy shippers by declaring it'd be ridiculous because of how he can't dance, is always grumpy, is too big, etc.... and then slips into his coat and insists she "just keeps him around on account of he's warm in winter." Viktor's little smile at her sells it.
  • During the story, after Viktor has slaughtered the men in the warehouse who were going after the speakeasy and is unable to get down the stairs to help the others because of his bad knees, Ivy meets up with him and sits with him. She then asks what happened to the man she spotted with the gun and Viktor lies that he let him go. Ivy isn't fooled.
  • Zib and Mitzi's previous relationship. They had some really sweet moments together on the road, and there is some bonus art made of them snuggling together and just being adorable.
    • And also how she is the reason why Zib works at Lackadaisy. So sweet.
  • One for the author. Tracy said that she was going to make an extra large update to close out 2011, but ended up with a horrible flu, unable to finish anything. She went on her forum and Tumblr, apologizing for not getting an update up. Nearly all the replies she got were "It's okay, your health comes first! Please get better!" D'aaaw...
  • In response to a reader question on what makes Mordecai smile, the author made a little comic of Mordecai having a flashback about him (unintentionally) entertaining his little sister Rose with his impossible to understand critique of her drawing. At the end of it he starts smiling at the China marker that made him think of it, before using it himself.
  • They may be utter psychopaths, but Nico and Serafine obviously really love each other. When they were kids, they decided they'd rather risk starving to death in the bayou than live apart, and now, they're perfect partners in crime. They're not good people by any stretch, but their relationship as siblings is one of the few things in their lives that isn't completely twisted.
  • Despite all the crap Ivy was giving Rocky prior, she is genuinely worried when Rocky is severely injured by the hearse in the second volume, and threatens the drivers with their own gun to protect him and convince them to get medical attention for Rocky.
  • Rocky isn't the best person, and he definitely isn't the best person to Calvin, who he seems to have dragged into the middle of a rum-running war just to take advantage of the poor lad's gun skills. But the fact that he took the fall for a family tragedy, one that was so bad it caused him to be kicked out of the only place he truly considered home, and went out west to live life as a drifter just so Calvin could finish his schooling undisturbed shows that he really does care about Calvin. Likewise, the fact that Calvin kept all of the letters Rocky wrote for him, and the fact that Nina outright told Rocky that he is the only one Calvin trusts completely shows that the feelings are mutual.