Awesome / Lackadaisy

  • One for the author/artist: Tracy has created such vibrant, unique characters that they're immediately recognizable, even when rendered as tubers with faces and little hats. (Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, for obvious reasons.)
  • The flaming truck (and barn, and house) scene. Do not question Rocky's logic!
  • Put Viktor Vasko in a garage and throw some armed pig farmers into the mix. Awesome ensues.
  • Freckle's murderous rampage. After he gets his hands on a gun he fairly bounces off walls shooting pig farmers left and right, and saving the other members of the cast without breaking a sweat. One of the comics has him perched on a light fixture and swinging upside down to fire at the farmers—showing his not unimpressive acrobatic skills.
  • Ivy intimidating two bootleggers with a stolen pistol counts as this too, even managing to fire at them once or twice—especially considering what we've seen of her demeanor so far.
    Bobby: "I've never had anything that squeaky pull a gun on me before."
  • Viktor and Mordecai's flashback raid on the rival bootleggers, full stop. It starts with a bomb going off and proceeds into non-stop ass kicking on their part, and ends in the whole place being burnt down. Especially awesome is that Mordecai is able to kill a man with a broken part of a banister while being pulled down the stairs.
  • When Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name became an Orphaned Series, 4de - Tracy and Tessa's publisher - got blamed by some ignorant fans for the reason why Hanna stopped getting updated. Tracy responded with a verbal smackdown on said fans for trying to play the "evil corporate entity" narrative when her publisher worked hard to make all their clients happy, and had no reason to take the webcomic away from Tessa.
  • A reader suggested that something good should happen to poor Viktor. In a non-canonical chain of events, enacted the Louisiana purchase for himself and, all and all, Viktor had a pretty good day.