Funny: Captain America: The First Avenger

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Peggy Carter
  • Before the procedure starts, we have everyone in the lab stopping dead in their tracks when they see Steve for the first time. Peggy's reaction is just a resigned sigh and a "let's just get this over with" expression.
    • However, after the procedure she's Not So Stoic. She's as gobsmacked as everyone else, and actually sneaks a feel of the dazed and newly transformed Rogers, before pulling back.
  • Peggy firing a gun at Steve's shield, with Rogers responding with a look that says "Why the hell did I kiss that secretary?/That woman is crazy!" look.
    • Howard's expression is equally hilarious.
    Steve: (face still frozen in shock) I have some ideas about the uniform. (hands note to Howard)
    Howard: (same expression) Whatever you want, pal. (takes note)
    • You could just see the relieved anger in Peggy's face afterwards too.
    • Another thing: When Peggy first fires the gun the camera switches to Howard, who is using his arm to shield himself.
      • And when she approaches Steve afterwards he's still clutching the shield in front of him like he's afraid she'll take another shot at him.
  • Peggy's response after Steve tried to explain his kissing moment is Not What It Looks Like: "I didn't think anything, Captain. Not one thing."

Col. Chester Phillips
  • "He's still skinny."
  • Colonel Phillips providing the best counter ever to HYDRA's motto:
    HYDRA soldier: CUT OFF ONE HEAD, TWO MORE SHALL-! [Colonel Phillips shoots him with his shotgun]
    Col. Chester Phillips: [pumps shotgun] Let's go find two more!
  • As Red Skull makes his escape on the Valkyrie bomber, Peggy and Phillips commandeer the HYDRA-mobile and use its Nitro Boost to get Steve onto the aircraft before it lifts off. Cue the Now or Never Kiss.
    Peggy: Go get 'im!
    Steve: (stops, looks at Phillips)
    Phillips: I'm not kissing you!
  • When one of the news films shows that Steve has a picture of Peggy inside his compass, Phillips give her an amused half-smile.
  • Phillips' "He's making me cry" line regarding Steve really cracks me up. It has everything to do with Tommy Lee Jones' delivery and expression, which is completely deadpan as usual.
  • In a Deleted Scene, Philips scolds Steve for blowing off his award ceremony which resulted in Senator Brandt being humiliated— then cracks a smile and says that he deserves a medal just for that.
  • Just about every word that comes out of Colonel Phillips' mouth, but his interrogation of Arnim Zola takes the cake... Or is that steak?
    (Zola nervously studies his cell... thinking "is that blood beneath that operating table...?")
    Phillips: Sit down.
    (Phillips puts down a tray of food at a table.)
    Zola: What is this?
    Phillips: Steak.
    Zola: What is in it?
    Phillips: Cow.
    (Dr. Zola stares at it dubiously.)
    Phillips: Doctor, do you realize how hard it is to get a-hold of a prime cut like that out here?
    Zola: I don't eat meat.
    Phillips: Why not?
    Zola: ...It disagrees with me.
    Phillips: What about cyanide? Does that give you the "rummbly tummy," too?
    • And then Phillips promptly starts eating the steak himself.
      Zola: You’re trying to intimidate me, Colonel.
      Phillips: I brought you dinner?
    • On a related note, Phillips' later description of Zola as "my new best friend" when he's debriefing the others.
  • Philips giving a speech to the new recruits, and as he says "We are going to win this war because we have the best men", he suddenly pauses and stumbles over the last word when he lays eyes on Rogers, a foot shorter than the other troops and still skinny and scrawny. He then ab-libs "And because they are gonna get better... much better..."

Bucky Barnes
  • Steve reuniting with BFF Bucky Barnes, who notes his friend's transformation.
    Bucky: Is it permanent?
    Steve: So far.
    • When Cap rescues Bucky from being tortured, the obviously out-of-it Bucky tells him "I thought you were smaller".
      • Even better: it's his reaction to Steve's elated line, "I thought you were dead!"
    • As they're leaving, the US Army gets the best advertising they could ever hope to get:
    Bucky: What happened to you?
    Steve: I joined the Army!
  • Steve and Bucky's parting, which doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    Buck: Don't do anything stupid until I get back.
    Steve: How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you.
    Buck gives Steve one last Man Hug before leaving.
    Steve: Jerk.
  • Bucky, on the future Howling Commandos.
    "See? Told you. They're all idiots."
  • Bucky utterly failing to grab Peggy's attention when they first meet.
    "I'm invisible. I-I'm turning into you. It's like a horrible dream!"
  • Bucky's reaction to Johann Schmidt's true face:
    (to Steve, totally serious and terrified) "You don't have one of those, do you?"
  • Before jumping onto Zola's train.
    Bucky: Remember the time I made you ride the Cyclone at Coney Island?
    Steve: Yeah, and I threw up?
    Bucky: This isn't payback is it?

Dr Abraham Erskine
  • Erskine proposing a toast to Rogers the night before his procedure. However, he remembers that Rogers can't have any fluids, so he snatches Rogers' glass away and drinks it down for himself.
    Erskine: No, no. Wait, wait. What I am doing? No, you have procedure tomorrow. No fluids.
    Steve: All right. We'll drink it after.
    Erskine: No, I do not have procedure tomorrow. Drink it after? I drink it now.
    • And then, just before the procedure is carried out:
    Steve: Did you save me any of that schnapps?
    Erskine: ...Not as much as I should have.
  • Steve and Erskine.
    "Where are you from?"
    "Qveens. 73rd Street and Utopia Parkway. ...before that, Germany."
  • "That wasn't so bad." "...That was penicillin."

The Howling Commandos
  • Jim Morita's indignant response (with zero accent) when Dum Dum Dugan wonders why they have to rescue a Japanese soldier as well.
    "I'm from Fresno, ace!"
    • Becomes possible Fridge Horror if you know Fresno was at one point the site of a Japanese internment camp and the only real way to leave the camps was to join the military.
  • When Steve comes to rescue the prisoners from their cells, we get this priceless exchange:
    Jones: Who are you supposed to be?
    Steve : (awkwardly) I'm... Captain America.
    Falsworth: I... beg your pardon?
    • Keep in mind that Falsworth is British, making his confusion at the name "Captain America" even more hilarious.
  • Later:
    Jones: You sure you know what you're doing?
    Captain America: Yeah. I've knocked out Hitler over two hundred times.
    • Dum Dum mouthing "what?" just sells it.
  • Jones and Dernier in the pub. Understanding French turns it into another kind of funny.
    "I will fight until the last one of these bastards will be dead, in chains, or crying like a little baby!"
    "I hope all three!"
    "Me too!"
    (Everyone looks on in puzzlement)
  • "Do you have any idea how to use that thing?" *KA-TESSERACT* "...Okay."

Howard Stark
  • Howard Stark explaining what fondue is. Actually, Howard Stark's hamminess in general.
    Howard Stark: Fondue is just cheese and bread, my friend.
  • The scene where Howard is testing the fragment of the cube Steve took from the HYDRA base:
    Howard Stark: Emission signature is unusual. Alpha and beta ray neutral, though I doubt Rogers picked up on that. Seems harmless enough; hard to see what all the fuss is about.
    (Stark zaps the fragment with electricity, at which point it explodes and hurls him across the room.)
    Howard Stark: (beat) Write that down.
  • Howard Stark's introduction at the Expo. Not only was it a great Like Father Like (Future) Son moment, but then the flying car spluttering and dying during its presentation and his quick recovery were hilarious!
    • Heck, seeing all throughout the film just how alike Howard and Tony are is pretty funny in itself!
  • When examining the HYDRA submersible and admitting he has no clue how it works, he starts with "speaking modestly, I'm the best mechanical engineer in this country".
  • Like Father, Like Son. As is his future son in Iron Man 2, Howard somehow has very little interest to make good use of Vibranium shield. In his defense, it's very rare metal and said shield is just a single prototype. He eventually gave it to Steve, however.

  • After a child who was being used as a hostage is tossed into the ocean by a HYDRA agent, Steve tries to decide if he should save the kid, or go after the agent.
    • Also kinda counts as a moment of awesome for the kid.
  • Stan Lee's cameo during the award ceremony upon seeing a backstage aide tell the senator Rogers isn't there and mistaking the aide for Rogers.
    Lee: I thought he'd be taller.
  • When Senator Brandt starts demanding answers for how a HYDRA agent got into the testing area, Colonel Phillips counters by saying "Great, why don't we start with how a German spy got a ride to my secret installation in your car."
  • More meta than anything, but during the end credits, wherein we all learn the origin of this image. How about a nice cup of freedom?
  • Red Skull's first meet with Cap: "Captain America! How exciting! I'm a great fan of your film!" in an obvious mockery tone.
  • When the Skull and Zola are fleeing from their exploding lab, Zola points out that the Skull's escape Triebfluegel only seats one. The Skull responds by calmly turning to Zola and handing him the keys to his car.
    • It's the fact that you think that the Skull is going to just leave Zola behind, but then...
    Zola: What about me? Where will I sit?
    Skull: [hands Zola the keys] Not a scratch, Doctor. Not a scratch.
    • Followed by the sight of Zola looking pretty gleeful as he drives away in the HydraMobile.
  • When Schmidt is being chewed out by the SS officers, he makes a hysterical 'One Two Three' motion with his fingers, pointing at the Nazis, just so he can adjust his death ray properly. All without pausing in his speech.
    • And when one of them starts to yell at him and declares he will be punished by Hitler for his treachery, Schmidt raises his eyebrows and makes a head motion to the effect of "oh really?" Then when he begins firing, one of them dodges a couple shots and he scowls, like he's thinking "Oh come on!". Finally, when he connects with the next shot, he gives a little nod, as if thinking "There that's better."
    • On a similar note, as Schmidt is preparing his death ray, there's a technician sitting behind the SS officers who immediately and casually walk out of the way.
  • Schmidt and Zola survey a destroyed HYDRA base and meet the last survivor, who says "We fought to the last man!" Zola closes his eyes and looks away before Schmidt executes the survivor. He knows what's coming.