Fridge / Sonic for Hire

Unmarked spoilers ahead.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why did Sonic want Tails to get top billing in "Two Bad Characters", despite the humiliation that Sonic got? Because if Tails is "Player 1", then that means that Tails can die.
    • Also, he went back to "Player 2" in Season 5 (Peppy wanted Sonic to be the temporary leader of the Starfox crew). When Tails was attacked by a Facehugger, a Chestburster pops out of him. The Chestburster doesn't kill him though because Tails regained that immortality in "Starfox".
    • Later on, when the universe starts falling apart because of the gang's time-travel shenanigans, Tails laments that he didn't get the chance to kill his time clone as originally planned, right before Sonic hits the reset button. His chance would've been when they were all still in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, in which he was Player Two. And therefore immortal. Making it a wasted effort, anyway.
      • Tails could gain Player One mortality, though, by being selected at the File Select screen. But Sonic would not agree to doing that, since selecting Tails as Player One drops Sonic from most of the game, and this version of Sonic doesn't like other people taking his spotlight.
  • Another interesting one is that in "Crash Bandicoot", Sonic changed "Crash Bandicoot Pong" to "Sonic and Pong" (Which looked messed up). The paddles there looked like chili dogs. Guess what Sonic's favorite food was in the Sonic cartoons?
  • Why did Earthworm Jim want to have sex with his time clone in "Reset"? Maybe because Sonic suggested it to him in his debut episode. "Go have sex with yourself Jamie Lee Curtis!"
    • Also, a reason they made worm-lings is because worms are unisex as well.
  • As seen throughout the series, Sonic kills a lot of other characters without remorse. Real hedgehogs are not far off, as they feed on not only invertebrates, but various amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Like shrews and moles, hedgehogs take on animals larger and/or dangerous than themselves. Against a snake it's both for hunting and self-defence.
    • Note that original Sonic the hedgehog is also somewhat acting like a real hedgehog, targeting his aggresiveness against enemy Badniks and composing himself to the point of simply engaging in friendly rivalry with others.
    • Compare Tails who often is the Only Sane Man to Sonic, as foxes have more complicated hunting behavior, being more composed and employing tricks against their prey. It's implied that Tails screwed Sonic out of his money at the start of the series.
    • Sonic and Tails are less friendly to each other here. In real life, adult foxes will try to eat hedgehogs. When hedgehogs curl up in a ball, foxes pee on them to make them unravel. Much like Tails did during the filming scene in Season 4. Not to mention that Sonic gets peed on by other characters too.
    • Dr. Eggman's and Sonic's relationship in the whole franchise. Hedgehogs eat eggs quite often.
  • In real life, hedgehogs, when being injured or famished, may show up in vicinity of humans, having learned that they can sometimes help it. In this series, Sonic mirrors it by humbling himself to go work for others. Most of the employers look (or in Pit's case originally looked) humanoid, especially Mario.
  • Tails taking a level in jerkass makes more sense if you still see him as a cub (at least a teenage fox). Kids are but not always more willing to be friendly to others than adults, specially if most of adults are jerks themselves. By standing up to Sonic, he got whiff of how being a full on adult jerk and in combination of gaining wealth got Drunk with Power.
  • Sonic's behavior itself. If something or himself keeps him for killing, he resorts to being a jerk. When trying to not be a jerk, he'll be apathetic and snarky. Only when it seems his lifestyle (or later even life) is threatened Sonic gets of his butt and let's off his pride. Of course he can't change himself completely, thus being oblivious, rude, incompetent and immorally opportunistic at nearly all his jobs he gets. At least he made through some of the job interviews (then again said jobs were often deadly).
  • Eggman often craps himself during the series. Linked to his egg motif, when eggs are first retrieved from nests, they are still quite dirty due to being in hen's cloaca (where the digestive tract ends as well).
  • Think about it, Sonic is broke and is doing various jobs just to get by while Mario is a successful mob boss. It mirrors real life, Sonic does many jobs just for scratch (Sega going third party), Mario is successful and practically owns everything (Nintendo's on going success), then once Sonic works for Mario, he gains more success (A lot of Nintendo exclusive Sonic games are said to be some of the best).
  • Why was Sonic the one against Eggman's "pixel shit" idea in Season 7 the most? Well he had to clean Eggman's disgusting plumbing system back in Season 1.
  • Why was Eggman's dick huge in "Rocket Knight Adventures" and tiny enough to be confused for a light switch in "Elevator Action"? Remember when Eggman had his Giant Pixel Dick in "Rebuild"? Well when it got destroyed, Eggman had to deal with a small dick.
  • Earthworm brains don't have the higher functions, such as cognition and self-awareness; they only exist to enable the worm to dig, eat, and move. So when the rest of the gang get high off licking the Battletoads, Jim remains unaffected.
    • How can that be, when he's previously gotten high off coke and roofied once by accident? He was inhaling the coke and drinking the roofies. The gang was licking the Battletoads. Worms breathe and eat, but they don't have tongues.

Fridge Horror:

  • In "Casino Zone (Part 3)", Kirby says that "he got gonnohrea for nothing" (After swallowing Princess Potato). It seems funny at first, but just imagine Mario (Who might have also fucked Peach) and Kirby. If Kirby got into his "penis shape" by sucking someone, that just makes things worse.
  • In the show, Eggman seems clean, but just imagine Eggman running around in underwear in real life. He even wears them in water and hot tubs. And he's talked about dirtying them before. Ughh it's pretty horrifying if you think about it too much.
  • What would've happened a character other than the incompetent Eggman got attacked by the Zerg?
  • In "Reset", where Sonic kills his time clone self, we don't see which Sonic is the one that killed the other Sonic ... all we see is a Sonic strangling his time clone saying "Kill what now?"
    • Also, Earthworm Jim's clone that the real Earthworm Jim had sex with. We saw that their running poses were different, and when everyone was running, the Earthworm Jim that was running was using the clone's pose. Maybe an animation part to make it look like he's panicking, but in a different view ...
    • Season 7 Earthworm Jim runs exactly like that too ...
  • The last episode. Sonic gains godly powers. So, that's interesting. But, remember what he says when he gets them? I. Am. God. Yeah, Sonic being such an asshole and crossing into reality comes across in a different light now.

Fridge Logic:

  • Continuity aside, why didn't Sonic stay when he found his "happiness" in Scribblenauts?
    • Maybe he forgot because he was pissed off at Tails, he got a pile of onion rings instead of the rings he uses, and he just got a gun to rob a gas station. Also, idiot anit-hero here.
    • Maybe Scribblenaut's idea of Sonic's happiness didn't agree with the lifestyle he actually wanted.