Shout Out: Sonic For Hire

There are plenty shout-outs mentioned in the series, whether if its for other video games or other shows.

  • Sonic calls Mario A.C. Slater, explaining that he was played by Mario Lopez.
  • Tails quotes Passenger57 in "It's On":
    "Well, let me give you a word of advice: always bet on Tails."
  • In "Final Fantasy", Sonic sees the one-eyed monster and immediately says that he loves Monsters, Inc..
    • Gilius Thunderhead calls the monster Billy Crystal, which is Mike Wazowski's voice actor.
  • Sonic says that "he got turned into a werewolf one time" when Sparkster tells Sonic about how different sequels have been ruining him.
  • Sonic's obsession with chili-dogs from the cartoon series is referenced in "Crash Bandicoot", where Sonic changes Pong to a bizarre looking game with chili dogs as paddles.
  • Taken gets referenced twice in the series.
    • Sonic tells the Final Fantasy characters that they should fight like Liam Neeson. "Did you ever see Taken with Liam Neeson? That's how you fight!"
    • Sonic reclaims the Epoch from Crash Bandicoot by reenacting the electrocution scene from the movie.
  • Possible shout-out to Dave Chapelle. In Casino Zone Part Two, Tails comes up to the burning van with Sunny D and Purple Stuff.
  • When Eggman turns into a baby and Earthworm Jim turns into a Yoshi, Baby Eggman rides on Yoshi just like Baby Mario did in Yoshi's Island.
  • One item of Eggman's bucket list in "Elevator Action" is "Become Heisenberg".