Awesome: Sonic For Hire

Even though Sonic screws up on various jobs, there are various awesome moments throughout the series.

  • "Hey Sonic, you ever call a coin toss? Let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on Tails."
  • Mortal Kombat gets a moment when Sonic realizes that Soniqua is actually valuable. In fact, he likes her more than Eggman and Earthworm Jim.
    • We also get another one when Soniqua rips the Pokemon Trainer apart after he orders her to kill Sonic.
  • "Why else do you think I made you player one?! Sure, you'll get top billing... but it also means... you, can, DIE."
  • The fight between Mario and Sonic's forces in "The Battle part two". It also qualifies as a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • The ending for "The War" was considered awesome for everyone
  • Tails was a major jerkass in Season 4. He got revenge big time all throughout Season 5 ... some examples:
    • Tails getting hit in the face by Sonic and then by Slippy Toad in the first episode.
    • Tails getting attacked by a facehugger in the following episode and an alien popping out of his belly. It didn't kill him though.
    • Tails getting attacked after he kept on talking about "how lions eat their prey".
    • Tails, instead of listening to Lady Gaga, listens to Gangnam Style as a total butt monkey, which is a total contrast to how he was in "Link".
    • Tails gets left out from a Zerg party.
    • Season 6 also has a late one, as Sonic's initial time-traveling screwed up Tails's life on accident. However, this one wasn't intentional.
  • Robotnik surviving a bunch of Zerg ... and them turning into him.
  • Robotnik super-charging Sonic's Arwing with wrecking balls and giant hands and missiles so it could kill Falco in "Falco".
  • It always feels awesome whenever he does something and doesn't end up screwing it up. In Season 1, no episode was like this.
  • Mario's reveal at the end of Thunderhead. "Guess who's back, motherfuckers?"
  • Soniqua being invulnerable to Mario's pit of lava.
  • Sonic turning into Wario. He doesn't seem to mind about it, although it motivates him to try to fix everything up.
  • Knuckles joining Sonic's crew seems to be pretty awesome as well, although it did result in some weird consequences ....
  • In "TMNT", Eggman kills Michael Bay.