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Drinking Game: Sonic For Hire

Sonic for Hire Drinking Game (According to Lowbrow)

This is the Drinking Game according to this Sonic for Hire short


  • Someone swears - Drink
  • Someone drinks - Drink
  • Sonic fires a gun - Drink
  • Someone has sex - Drink
  • A character dies - 2 Drinks
  • Hospital scene - 2 Drinks
  • Someone says "shitballs" - Drink
  • Soniqua says "Avacado" - Drink
  • Poster reference - Drink
  • Thunderhead says "Ass wine" - Drink
  • Knuckles Rhymes - Drink

Unofficial Drinking Game (This one was made before the SFH Short "Drinking Game")

For the best effects, try doing it for a whole season, stingers included. The finale of Mega Man Dies At The End, "All Good Things" (From the moment Sonic appears) is a part of the drinking game as well.

  • Take a drink every time the word "poster" or "Dominique Wilkins" is mentioned.
    • Take two drinks every time a poster is seen.
  • Take a drink every time Eggman or Earthworm Jim appear.
    • Take two drinks when they appear together.
  • Take a drink every time Soniqua appears.
    • Take a large drink whenever Soniqua grabs someone with her tentacles.
    • Take a drink whenever she mentions "AVOCADO" or any variation. (Like "Avocado Tits" or "Avobombo")
  • Take a drink every time Kirby kills somebody, mentioned or not.
  • Take a large drink if Sonic's job ends up in failure or he gets bored of it.
  • Take a drink every time Mario appears.
    • Take two drinks when Mario is telling someone to do something.
  • Take a drink every time "Fryin' and buyin'" or any variation of the phrase is said.
    • Take a drink every time Kirby says "Love it!"
    • Take a large drink every time "No way bro'se" is said.
  • Take two drinks whenever sex is happening or occurs.
  • Every time Eggman talks about deep fryers or food.
  • Every time Sonic kills somebody knowing it.
  • Every time Sonic gets high or drunk.
  • Every time "podiatrist" is heard or mentioned.
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