Headscratchers / Sonic for Hire

  • How the heck is Soniqua alive in Season 6 despite the fact that Sonic wouldn't have needed to visit Mother Brain?
    • Maybe Sonic got drunk and knocked up Mother Brain anyway. (Does sound like what he'd do.)
      • A real question for season 6 is why alot of characters most back from the dead remember the timeline before Sonic messed with it or why were still dead after Sonic messed with the timeline.
  • Why didn't Sonic keep his job at Space Invaders? Sure it must've been too easy to the point where it gets repetitive, but it could also make him very successful.
    • Maybe because the Space Invaders sergeant was a Jerkass and similar to what happened in Pacman, he didn't want to put up with it.
  • In season 6 why did Mario want to kill Sonic because it seemed like his ghost forgave him.
    • Mario's ghost had half a season to look back on his life and think about what happened. The Mario that Princess Potato saved through time travel didn't have that post-death re-evaluation, so he would still hate Sonic.
  • In Season 5, wouldn't Luke Skywalker have recognized Sonic from their brief stint on Family Feud in Season 3 (the one that ended in his father getting thrown down a reactor shaft)?