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> Take inventory of thermal hull.

  • The inability to prevent the powering of Bec as something unstoppable makes perfect sense when the circumstances of Grandpa's death are revealed - if Jade died the session would never be able to be completed as the destined paradox clone player was killed before the game began.
  • "Involving the one who hates you, and the one who likes you." Except, well, Rose doesn't actually say which is which, does she... Unfortunately, Vriska's Omniscient Morality Licence makes it even harder to figure out which is which..
  • In Seer: Descend, most of the books you read on the shelves were non-sense. However there were one that now made sense. It was a book on a theory that with some adjustments, the Queen's Ring of Orbs fourfold could be modified to add more orbs to it, to which is immediately dismissed by Rose as nonsense. This is, however, instead an instance of The Dev Team Thinks of Everything now that Act 6 is in the post scratched session.
    • Or it refers to the trolls' session and their 12-orb rings.
  • John's relationship with Vriska could be attributed to Jake's fetish for blue skinned woman and sassy spider-related heroines.
  • Andrew's death scene seemingly exists only for only one purpose: to bring closure to a Formspring Running Gag about him marrying Vriska, which subscribers to the DOTA philosophy will likely never bother to find out about.
  • Thinking too much about cyclical timelines and Skaian visions brings up serious questions of whether there's any sort of free will at all in the game.
    • Free will does exist, it is just that the characters have knowledge of the future that ends up motivating them to do the acts that appear inevitable. See Vriska's need to involve herself in Bec Noir's creation: she sees John inexplicably fall asleep at his computer when about to prototype the doll, and decides to involve herself by putting him to sleep herself. The fact that she has used her powers to interfere with the kids' timeline feeds back into her own timeline, creating the events that entice her in the past.
  • When Aradia found Li'l Cal, Dad's wallet modus was within...with some blood on it, and seeing as how in the present timeline is is currently held by John...
    • Maybe Dad had a backup wallet, like a sensible person.
  • Why did little Dave wear a heart bib? Because BRO MADE IT FROM MAPLEHOOF'S HIDE
    • The Post-Scratch counterpart to Bro, the one who made the bib and presumably bought Dave's heart shirt, is a Hero of Heart.
  • This update is a Call Back to that update. Following that snap, Sollux falls asleep. Now, this update uploaded about 2 to 3 in the morning, could signify time for the Homestuck audience to go to sleep due to being up too late, or attempt an Archive Binge in the new Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff CSS from the beginning.
  • This page shows four of the kiss-ressurections in the comic so far. The titles match. On one hand, we have the Seer of Mind kissing the Page of Breath, while the Heir of Breath kisses the Seer of Light. On the other, we have the Knight of Blood kissing the Sylph of Space, while the Witch of Space kisses the Knight of Time.
  • [S] Descend. It's about the paradox kids, descending to Earth. Not Jack going crazy crazier.
    • Every major scene in the Flash has to do with something falling, from Dave getting pushed off the tower in the beginning to Jade's huge meteor drawing closer and closer at the end.
  • So we're told that no matter what players may do, the Light Kingdom will ALWAYS fall and the Dark Kingdom will ALWAYS initiate the Reckoning... but why? Because if the players were ever to avoid the Reckoning, their paradox clones can't go to their home planet to become them — a paradox which would naturally lead to a doomed timeline.
  • Something's been bugging me about how Andrew Hussie seems so familiar, what with his habit of being playful, Mood Whiplash, Fan Disservice and Jossing—holy crap he's the webcomics equivalent of Hideo Kojima!
  • While this troper loved [S]Descend, she always did wonder why, exactly, Bro stabbed his sword into the giant record. Turns out he was setting up the Scratch. Holy shit.
    • For that matter, the fact that the Scratch is caused by a literal Record Needle Scratch, which "halts" the universe like a needle scratching a record. Well played, Mr. Hussie.
    • Likely obvious, but consider a Scratch in billiards- when the cue ball falls into the pocket i.e. dies. - very curious, indeed.
  • Many aspects of the comic, such as Stable Time Loops, RPG elements, and four chosen heroes, can be seen as an elaborate parody of Final Fantasy I.
  • The timing of the latest albums, The Wanderers and Sburb, could fit here. Consider the Wanderers album released in July as possibly the one meant for June, and its theme around the Exiles Crossing the Desert in a Heat Wave. Either way, the album works well as music for the hot months of summertime! AND, the Sburb album is a collection of piano music that could fit well detailing the beginning to ending of the players' conflict in Sburb. If this was meant as the official July release, it could work well as Awesome Music played along with a fireworks display in celebrating the Fourth of July!
  • Apparently The Scratch switches the roles of the original heroes and their ancestors\guardians. Jade claims her penpal (who augmented the bunny) is her grandson. In a scratched universe, Grandpa would have a grandmother Jade.
  • Dave's tux alchemizations were a long list of Foreshadowing, first he has his regular tux, showing a broken record, or a scratched Beat Mesa, then he has the Four Aces Suited and the Felt Tux, showing a broken Cue ball and a Broken 8-ball both very big plot-points as well.
  • Jade and Bec's Strife music is called "An Unbreakable Union". At first, this seems to be a nod to their friendship and Bec's Undying Loyalty to Jade. Then comes Bec's prototyping and Jade's ascension to God Tier. Due to Bec being prototyped with Jade's dead dream self and Jade's ascension to God Tier Jade and Bec have essentially merged into one being, making Jade and Bec's union literally unbreakable.
  • Another possible link between Jade, the Witch of Space, and Jake, the Page of Hope: Spes is the goddess of hope.

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