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07:05:54 PM Apr 28th 2013
So does the recent fixing of the folder system on this page have anything to do with the hiatus freeing up time or what?
09:41:58 PM Apr 5th 2013
I just had a Fridge Brilliance relevation, but it had something to do with one of the music yet unused in the comic (Indigo Heir, to be exact), not with the comic proper. Should I just go ahead and add it at the bottom like new ones are supposed to be, anyways?
05:12:08 PM Dec 7th 2013
Would you care to elaborate on said revelation? (This may help determine where it ought to go.)
05:34:07 PM Dec 7th 2013
(In any case, I just made an "Other" page).
07:11:11 PM Apr 18th 2012
edited by Katsuhagi
So anyone have any idea why the folders are broken? I looked for anything obvious but I couldn't spot it.
05:18:05 PM Jan 18th 2013
Yeah, I second the question. Why ARE the folders broken? Any ideas or suggestions?
02:06:18 AM Jan 19th 2013
Well, right now, there aren't any folders on the page. When Katsuhagi was around, it's likely that the folders got too large so they couldn't operate.
01:35:31 AM Apr 16th 2013
They may need to be split or need new pages entirely and then split.
09:10:59 AM Jan 16th 2012
Ugh, so much of this page isn't "Fridge" anything, it's just saying the things that happen in the comic.
02:44:36 PM Apr 19th 2012
Then why don't you edit it out? Seriously, I understand it is daunting, but a few people with too much spare time could clean up this page pretty quickly. All we would need it to check for double entries, and maybe cut out things which have been confirmed as untrue.
05:13:28 PM Dec 7th 2013
"A few people with too much spare time".

Combustible Lemons 14: Arrive.
03:24:49 PM Nov 13th 2010
Karkat says that horrorterrors are actually plesant. CG: NO WAY. A PAIR OF FEISTY GOGETTERS LIKE YOU AND ME, WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR DREAMS OF HORRORTERRORS FONDLING EVERY RECESS OF OUR NAKED PSYCHES, PLEASANT THOUGH THEY ARE. from here. Also if you talk to Feferi as Karkat in [S] Past Karkat: Wake up. She tels you that they are nice. So I'm making some edits.
08:01:54 PM Nov 21st 2010
Isn't that first one sarcastic?
05:48:28 PM Mar 15th 2011
Of course it's sarcastic. Everything CG says is injected with a liberal dose of sarcasm...
06:25:02 AM Nov 10th 2010
What's the 413 significance in the zodiac-order of the trolls? 13431 isn't 413.
02:49:06 PM Nov 13th 2010
I dont see any significanse either so I'm editing it out.
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