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Shout Out: Homestuck
> Document references to other media.

So many sweet references. You'd almost think it was simultaneously your birthday, AND Christmas or something.
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  • In [S] John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter, it ends with "Meow! That's Right!"
  • Unintentionally at first, but later invoked on purpose: Dave's Bro wears "dumb pointy anime shades" and wields a katana.
  • Dirk, what does the scanner say about the Condesce's power level?
    TT: I even heard, and don't quote me on this, that she may have been over 9000. 
    GT: Heavens to betsy.
    GT: That figure is just absurd.
    Exactly how many panels do you want this to go on for? Over 9000? Nobody wants that. Nobody even wants to hear the phrase "over 9000."
    • One of Jane's features in her Crockerdark form is an eye color scheme that bears resemblance to that of Super Buu and Kid Buu. She even imitates Super Buu's hand taunts and fighting style from the battle with Gohan.
    • Dave jokes about training in a (non-existent) "hyper gravity chamber" on the meteor.
  • Among Meulin's and Kurloz' gifs are clips from Pokémon and Sailor Moon.
  • In [S] [A6I3] MINISTRIFE!!!, Damara and Rufioh are cosplaying as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
  • At the end of "[S] Equius: Seek the highb100d", Gamzee demands that Equius kneels, then promptly shoots an arrow. One couldn't help but remember the scene in Black Lagoon where Balalaika pretty much does the same to a psycho-child.
    Balalaika:I SAID KNEEL! [note that this line is also delivered in English in the VO]
  • The Condesce has a few things in common with Sailor Moon: both of them have elaborate hair and wear jeweled tiaras, are immature and bratty teens, become queen for a millennium or more, have many color-coded and symbol-wearing friends who all die at some point, get to meet—and can't get along with—their descendant, and have terrible handwriting that stays in adulthood.
  • Jake, an angsty, sad teen lacking in self-confidence, has his potential fully unlocked in a sequence involving Mind Rape, a cataclysmic explosion of light, the acquisition of a nigh-impenetrable field of energy, and the creation of angels.

     Film (includes Actors) 

     Comic Books 

  • There are two references to Vladimir Nabokov in the first living room scene: John's dad has pictures and figurines of clowns (or HARLEQUINS, as he is quick to correct anyone who would venture such brazen assumptions) and one of John's commands is to "Admire harlequins," Nabokov has a novel called Look at the Harlequins!. Then when he looks at the fireplace, he recalls the quote, "The moon is an errant mistress, and her pale fire she snatches from the sun." The quote is from Shakespeare, not Mark Twain as he thinks it is, but Nabokov did, of course, take the title of Pale Fire from it.
  • JOHN: and now i think i'm sort of unstuck in existence.
  • This page is an apparent Shout-Out to The Postman.
  • When Rose fells the Lime Ogre and surfs it into the ocean:
    TG: i dont know beach the thing first i guess
    TG: unless you were planning on sailing that ogre down the mississippi with a runaway slave
    • Upon Meenah's third meeting with John:
      MEENAH: (you are my obsession lil bluefish)
      MEENAH: (my shrimpiest of whales)
      MEENAH: (my mobiest of dicks)
      MEENAH: (call me)
      MEENAH: (fishmael)
      MEENAH: 3B|
  • Some of the trolls embark on a quest to destroy a ring of great power in a volcano.
    • Not to mention someone named Strider who wields a broken sword.
    • And the best broken sword in the game being the Royal Deringer.
    • The way Jack uses said sword to slay the Black Queen is also in direct reference (exploding her by cutting off her ring finger).
    • And of course, John finds a ring in the sand, and an ornery member of a species he hardly (visually) recognizes demands it back.
      • When John makes off with the ring and Tavros can't find it, he even starts calling it his Precious.
    • Aranea steals this same ring, and her aspirations of godhood compare well to those of Galadriel.
  • Cthulhu Mythos references can be found in the form of Jade's island (matches one of Lovecraft's descriptions) and in the beasties from Rose's grimoire.
    • The word "dreamself" is a reference to Lovecraft's Dream Cycle.
  • John being killed by Bec Noir somewhat resembles Aslan's sacrifice by the White Witch.
    • The entire plot is a coming-of-age story about four young people who travel to a magical land and are drafted into a battle between the forces of good and evil. Sound familiar?
  • Vriska writing I 8n't dead is an intentional reference to Granny Weatherwax, as confirmed on Andrew's Formspring.
    • With that in mind, WV?'s actions are probably a shout out to Vimes's idea of the pawns establishing their own democracy in Night Watch.
    • And a troll who can't use a bow because he keeps breaking them. Someone should have told Equius that bows aren't troll weapons.
    • And Sopor Slime fits neatly into the likes of Slab, Scrape, Slice and Slunkie, being a psychoactive troll drug that starts with 'S'
  • When Andrew Hussie is about to be shot by Lord English, he rattles off a list of all the things he believes in, including magic.
    • Aw fuck who am I kidding magic is fake as shit.
  • When Colonol Sassacre is killed, it says "People would think reports of the man's death were greatly exaggerated. But they weren't." This is based on a famous Mark Twain quote, whom Sassacre is very loosely modeled after.
  • Not only does Cronus' backstory reveal that he's a failed Harry Potter imitation (with magical scars, no less) who eventually rejects magic altogether, but presumably, Lord English is his version of Voldemort, and the Jujus are his horcruxes. And the only known "Juju breaker," Crowbar's crowbar, shares a color with the Sword of Gryffindor's house of origin.
  • Vriska and Tavros's tumultuous relationship involves frequent references to Peter Pan, with Tavros as Peter and Vriska using tropes from both Tinkerbell and Hook. The shoutouts cover the entire expanded universe, including the filmed theatre adaptation and Hook, but also use references that only appear in the book, such as Vriska's weapon being a collection of eight stone dice called the Fluorite Octet (a pun on Captain Hook's last words, "floreat etona").
    • As of the end of the Midnight Crew intermission, Vriska, Spades Slick, the harlequin doll all bear the same set of injuries: An injured eye and a missing arm. These are the same as the injuries borne by Hook.
  • While Mituna's introduction in Openbound included at least one misspelling of the word "helmet" as "H4ML37", it is only in [S] [A6I3] Ministrife!!! that Kurloz plays on the reference by showing up to the Meenah-Vriska battle/costume party dressed as a prince at the same time Mituna shows up asking for his helmet.
  • The resemblance of Crockerdark Jane's costume design to that of Little Red Riding Hood would be coincidental due to the Crocker colors...were it not for the fact that the one that makes her transform is Grimbark Jade, who has been turned by the Condesce into Jane Riding Hood's Big, Bad, Badass Wolf.
    • Not to mention that both have alternate incarnations that were surrogate grandmothers...
  • So, frogs are vitally important to the universe, huh?
  • Either an obscure, or unintentional, one in Gamzee. He is an unkillable clown, whose title is the Bard of Rage. In other words, The Immortal Bard.
  • MEENAH: you need to take that shit off right now MEENAH: throw it in a volcano or somefin
  • At one point, Spades Slick travels into a hotel room inside of the Green Sun. The novel version of 2001: A Space Odyssey states that the famous Gainax Ending involving the hotel room is within a Red Giant.

     Live Action Television 
  • "Rose: Wear the scarf. Be the Rider."
  • WV names his firefly Serenity.
  • Kanaya's a lumberjack and she's okay, she sleeps at night and reads all day.
  • GT: what does your time machine look like? a phone booth? phone booths are a popular thing for some reason.
    • And, in that vein, TG: "...and i want to know exactly when i got to clear some space in my calendar for when some fuckwit blunders out of a magical phone booth..."
    • During a discussion with Calliope, Dirk questions whether aliens are British or not.
    • One of Kurloz' gifs in his signing conversation with Meulin is the famous "Tenth Doctor in the rain" clip from the end of "Journey's End". Given Kurloz' service to an entirely different kind of Lord of Time, Meulin could be considered a companion.
    • A mention for Caliborn's suspiciously similar sounding godtier "Lord of Time". Also just like his adult self and the Eleventh Doctor, Caliborn rocks a bowtie and suspenders.
    • The stripes on Lord English's Cairo Overcoat resemble a flashy version of the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
    • In recent strips, Roxy discovers a magical crack in her bedroom.
    • When Lil' Cal is given to Alpha Jack Noir and Jack stares into Cal's eyes, Caliborn's soul takes him over completely when he sees Cal's eyes become Lord English pool balls. The subsequent events suggest that like anything that sees or records a Weeping Angel's eyes, that which holds the image of Lord English becomes itself Lord English.
  • Sometimes you tell dad you really want poppop in the attic. He says the mere fact you call it that tells him you're not ready.
    • Not to mention that Jane has a poster of Tobias Funke from his "I just blue myself" scene hanging on her wall.
  • Jane's Swanson poster is one thing, but now she's named the bunny she got from Strider Li'l Sebastian.
  • Dirk's penchant for orange soda might be a reference to Kenan & Kel.
  • Blatant Red Dwarf reference in this pesterlog, of the "everybody's dead, [name]" variety.
    • In Caliborn's session, he plays pool with planets.
  • Dave tries to recuse himself from advising Terezi on her blackrom with Gamzee by claiming:
    DAVE: this is like some ex alien boyfriend prime directive shit

     Video Games 


The entire series is more or less an extended shout out to the MOTHER trilogy, most especially EarthBound.
  • The title "Homestuck" can be construed as a synonym of EarthBound.
    • The first published volume of Homestuck confirms that John's pesterchum initials, "EB", are also an 'EarthBound reference.
  • "Rambunctious Crow" is reminiscent of "Spiteful Crow", an early-game Goomba with a penchant for stealing players' items (or Sburb beta).
  • This panel has an Instant Revitalizing Device in the corner; oddly, while it's clearly the EarthBound variant in that it's not stamped with a Pigmask logo, it otherwise has the color scheme of their Mother 3 incarnation.
    • And it's used as a Mundane Utility by Dave to make coffee. And there's this piece of dialog:
      DAVE: two hot revitalizing cups of shitty coffee
  • Word of God instance: Hussie has stated that, of her extensive gaming repertoire, Roxy's favorites are EarthBound and Pikmin, two titles he himself particularly enjoyed.
  • The interactive games, starting with AlterniaBound are meant to resemble... you guessed it.


     Western Animation 
  • The beginning of the Midnight Crew's introduction resembles the beginning of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' opening credits.
  • It's implied that Bro makes/is into saucy puppet shows.
  • From here:
    EB: it is bill cosby.
    EB: he's back.
  • A few Rainbow Dash pictures can be seen in Dirk Strider's room. While he purports to have a "strictly academic" interest in cartoon ponies, he soon admits that his affection for Rainbow Dash, at least, is totally unironic.
    • One of Meulin's gifs from her signing features Apple Bloom pressing an "Unsee" button.
    • Probably unintentional, but apparently Trickster Mode allows Jane to perform a Sonic Rainboom.
    • In the Tricksterlog accompanying Dirk's "Engage" flash, Jake drunkenly misspells "everybody." No, the result is not "EVERYPONY," as you might expect; it's "EVERYBRONY."
  • The fireflies stuck under the clouds of LOWAS may be a reference to a line from The Lion King where Timon mentions that the stars in the sky are—guess what?—"fireflies...stuck up on that big blueish-black thing." Plus the color scheme of LOWAS consisting of, well, blues and black...
    • Later, John's hallucination of Davesprite looks similar to Simba's vision of Mufasa.
  • One of Meenah's hashtags in A6I3 is "#the goggles do nothing".
    • The Wayward Vagabond, while trying to switch monitors on his computer, he presses Tab. But he actually gets Tab.
    • Jane's mouth, in its A6A6 closeups, is disturbingly Simpsonesque.
  • Some of the gifs used to represent Meulin's sign language include clips of Adventure Time.
  • After ascension to his full potential, Jake bellows this when he hears Jane, rather than Jade, speaking to him:

     Music Shout Outs (Limited to songs not featured in comic) 
  • There's also some Complete Darkness in there.

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