Film: The Specials

We're there for the oddball, the rebel, the outcast, the geek!
Title Card: This is the story of the Specials...
Title Card: ...The 6th or 7th greatest superhero team in the world.
Title Card: They have spent many a day fighting natural disasters and battling supervillains.
Title Card: This is not one of those days.

A (2000) comedy film about the sixth (or seventh) greatest superhero team in the world. The movie follows the events of several days during which no major world-shaking events occur, instead focusing on the various team members' lives. During the course of the film a new member joins the team, a line of toys based on the Specials is unveiled, and long-festering conflicts within the team come to a head.

No relation to the band or the third Uglies book.

This film contains examples of: