Funny / The Specials

  • The Strobe has just seen his wife cheating on him. His world is crumbling around him and he's so devastated that, minutes later, he decides to split up the Specials and take a job he hates as a glorified welder. But first Deadly Girl, who has no idea what just happened, is confused by one of Kosgrove's confusingly bad toys.
    The Strobe: [walks in, staring at the floor, looking absolutely devastated.]
    Deadly Girl: Is this a pig? Or something else?
    The Strobe: <beat> [quietly] It's a pig.
    Deadly Girl: [watches him go by, suddenly concerned.]
  • The Specials have been disbanded for an hour at most and Amok is already drunkenly considering a return to the super-villain life. Not just any super-villainry, mind you. He has a plan.
    Power Chick: You can't do that.
    Amok: I can too!
    Power Chick: You're gonna rape dogs?
    Amok: All pets. I'm going back to being a super-villain and that's going to be my new thing.
    Power Chick: But why animals?
    Amok: [thoughtfully] They're always looking at me.
  • The Strobe's response to his wife, Ms. Indestructible, having an affair is to admit his own flaws. Sort of.
    The Strobe: Living with me must be hell.
    Ms. Indestructible: Oh god, Ted.
    The Strobe: But I've decided it's a hell you deserve. I've decide that the best revenge I could ever inflict upon you is to accept you back into the marriage.
    Ms. Indestructible: Ted, ah...
    The Strobe: You blame your actions...with Weevil, on my emotional distance? Oh-ho! You will learn the true meaning of emotional distance!
    The Strobe: [wipes hand over furious expression, turning it into a cold, dead stare.]
  • Finding out that the Specials' unofficial motto, a phrase that has been attributed to Weevil, was stolen from the original writer, Ms. Indestructible, in a long line of verbal plagiarism.
    Amok: Better? Fuck better. We may not be the prettiest. Or the smartest. Or the most powerful. But we don't exist for the beautiful people of the world, Ted. We're there for the oddball, the rebel,
    Amok and Deadly Girl: the outcast,
    Amok and Mr. Smart: the geek.
    Night Bird: That's what Weevil said.
    Amok: Baby, please. He stole it from me.
    The Strobe: You stole it from a speech I gave at the University of Delaware.
    Ms. Indestructible: The speech I wrote.