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Film: Terror Train
German poster.

Hey you!

Yeah, you! Would you like to board a train which celebrates New Year's Eve all through the night while it is reaching it's destination? It has plenty of cool costumes, food, mind-altering substances and loose women! You could say it is the very definition of Cool Train!

Not interested, eh? You might interested in the fact that it also has David Copperfield performing magic acts.

Now that you're onboard, you should also know that there's also a disgruntled killer, who was a victim of a nasty prank couple of years ago, among the guests. Have fun!

And that's how the plot goes for this 1980 Slasher Movie directed by Roger Spottiswoodenote  and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson and the aforementioned David Copperfield.

A remake was in development, but it eventually evolved into the Hostel-esque Train (which retains the Terror Train title in Japan).

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