Film: Nowhere

Nowhere is a movie from 1997, written and directed by Gregg Araki and starring James Duvall as a teen boy appropriately named Dark, doing his best Emo Teen version of Keanu Reeves from Bill & Ted.

The "plot" revolves around Dark's petty, pretty, vacuous, bisexual, drug-addled L.A. teen friends who get abducted by aliens, get killed, or commit suicide amidst lots of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll as they try to get to an exclusive, rave-type party for more of the same.

The movie is supposed to be some sort of homage to Bret Easton Ellis, specifically Rules Of Attraction, American Psycho, and Less Than Zero. There are also references to Kafka (the cockroach), and Warhol (the soup can). It rounds out the supposed "Teen Apocalypse Trilogy" started by "Totally Fucked Up" and "The Doom Generation" (both also written and directed by Gregg Araki and starring James Duvall). It is described as "90210 on acid" on the VHS cover box, which is apt.


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