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Chong: So what's this movie about, man?
Cheech: Oh, it's about all kinds of things, man - it's like a bunch of crazy movies, man, they put together...
Opening dialogue

It Came from Hollywood is a 1982 comedy film compiling clips from various B Movies. In 1982, years before the Internet and a time when home video was still just taking off, this film was basically a funny Clip Show of old B movies that were still hard to find in that day and age.

Starring Cheech and Chong, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, and John Candy in several framing segments, it fondly remembers and pokes fun at the genre in sections like Giants and Little People, Monsters, Brains, etc. Some connecting clips have a simple story like a little girl (Radner) on her bed talking about scary movies, or Cheech and Chong going to the movies and talking about the films as if they are watching them. At one point, John Candy hosts a short celebration of Ed Wood.

The movie is available to watch on YouTube here.

The following movies had clips shown in It Came From Hollywood:

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Tropes in this film:

  • Affectionate Parody: In a way, the responses to the clips aren't hostile, just snarky, which makes the movie more of a tribute than a put-down. It's noticeable when the film-makers dedicate an entire section to Ed Wood and actually speak well of him as a Giftedly Bad director/writer.
  • Big Eater: Tommy Chong spends a lot of time ordering at the snack bar.
  • Clip Show: This was 1982. VCRs were still new and expensive with a limited selection. If you wanted to see these movies you had to wait for them to come on TV. YouTube didn't exist. This movie gave a rehash of the films for fans - people who watched it enjoyed pointing out which ones they had seen or forgotten about.
  • Human Resources: The brain makes a great cocktail garnish!
  • I'm a Humanitarian: The Mad Scientist thinks brains are delicious, straight out of the deli case
  • 90% of Your Brain: The Mad Scientist says we only use 10%.
  • No Talking or Phones Warning: The movie starts out with one, and there is also a segment from an old theater bit saying to go easy on unnecessary affection.
  • MST: Sometimes the actors do a little riffing on the movie being shown.
  • Russian Reversal: As The Incredible Shrinking Man is stalked by a cat, Cheech says "This is the first time in history the man gets eaten by the pussy!"
  • Spiritual Predecessor: To Mystery Science Theater 3000 and other programs that would re-watch bad B-movies with snarky commentary.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Aykroyd and Candy wear skirts in honor of Ed Wood.