Film: Rocket Attack USA

Narrator: We cannot let this be... the end.
Joel, Crow and Servo (exiting the theater): Oh yes we can!

What starts as a dull 1961 spy flick abruptly turns into a Cold War propaganda piece when it turns out Sputnik has given the Soviets a decisive edge in the arms race.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode see here.


  • Downer Ending
  • Dull Surprise: Many, thanks to the Bad Bad Acting. The topper: "Help me."
  • Halfway Plot Switch: Starts off as a spy flick involving an attempt to destroy a Russian nuclear missile, then becomes a film about New York City being hit by said missile the last third of the film.
  • Hollywood Tactics: So... New York City is nuked... and the Russians think they can get away with it... why? And nuking one city helps Russia with what...? And the international community will just let it happen...?
  • Joisey: One scene takes place in the township of Hazlet, located in Monmouth, NJ.
  • Noo Yawk / Brooklyn Accents: Courtesy of Art Metrano.