Film / Intouchables

"Be careful. You know guys from the suburbs have no compassion."
"That’s what I want. No compassion."

Intouchables, the most successful French comedy film of 2011 and the second most successful ever, depicts one very unorthodox patient/nurse relationship. Based on a True Story.

Meet Driss (Omar Sy) —young, obnoxious, shamelessly living on welfare and freshly back on the street after six months spent... elsewhere. With little ambition and even fewer employment prospects, he crashes a job interview for the position of stay-at-home nurse for a wealthy tetraplegic aristocrat, simply wanting them to acknowledge his attendance and rejection so he can remain on benefits.

But when Philippe (François Cluzet), the tetraplegic in question, takes a shine to Driss' blunt and pitiless demeanour in front of him and his bedside manners that would make Gregory House proud, he decides to hire Driss on trial, betting that "he won't last two weeks".

Hilarity Ensues.

The Weinstein Company, which distributed it in the US with less than memorable resultsnote  is said to be preparing an americanized remake titled Untouchable.

Intouchables contains examples of: