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Fanfic Recs: Prototype
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting eaten for here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Prototype Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Outcast by Lang Noi
  • Recommended by Dark Gidora, NanoMoose
  • Synopsis: What would happen if, years after the New York City incident, Alex Mercer and PARIAH met?
  •  4 reviews
  • Voices of the Infection by Ferric
  •  1 reviews
  • A Hero's Mask by Lang Noi
    • Recommended by Dark Gidora, NanoMoose, Laluzi
    • Synopsis: Everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes, though, there are people conspiring on your side. A badly-confused and desperate Alex Mercer makes a deal with the darkness.
  •  1 reviews
  • A Stray Child by DuchessJadawin
    • Recommended by Dark Gidora
    • Synopsis: After what Alex had confessed to Dana, she never wanted to see him again. How did Alex vent this out? Killing people, of course. My take on what the confession cutscene.
  •  1 reviews
  • Frankenstein's Monster by Naniris
    • Recommended by Revlid, Dark Gidora
    • Synopsis: Alex Mercer muses over how absorbing the minds of hundreds of people has affected his own.
  •  1 reviews
  • The Root of All Evil by Naniris
    • Recommended by Dark Gidora, NanoMoose
    • Synopsis: Shortly before the Penn Station incident, Alex Mercer takes a rather long walk and considers his situation. Pre-game, if you've read my other fics you know what to expect in terms of writing style. Might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  •  1 reviews
  • Mittens by Dark Gidora
  •  3 reviews
  • Goodbye by Madork Gunna
    • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Shinji117
    • Synopsis: Closure finally comes for the widow of one lost during the outbreak.
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  • Down the Shaft by Laluzi
    • Recommended by: Death Note Fan
    • Synopsis: A take on the infamous elevator scene. Contains spoilers, assumes that you're familiar with the events discovered in the Web of Intrigue.
  •   add review 
  • After the Fires Fade by Laluzi
    • Recommended by Liangnui, Dark Gidora
    • Synopsis: Two months after the catastrophe, Alex Mercer is just trying to find his own niche in the world. Old secrets and new enemies are determined to make things hectic again… luckily, he wasn't that fond of the peaceful life anyway. -AU, disregards Prototype 2.
  •  1 reviews
  • Stories focused on combining two different genre together to form a story.

    Kara no Kyoukai

    Maybe I'm A Lion, by Dullahan
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  • Unfamiliar, by Cpl_Facehugger.
    • Recommended by: Laluzi
    • Synopsis: Louise had hoped for a magnificent, strong, and powerful familiar. She probably wasn't expecting this.
    • Trope page can be found here.
  •  1 reviews
  • Variant Strain by scriviner
    • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883, Senevri
    • Synopsis: Peter Parker was an ordinary teenager until two guys in military-style uniform and their mysterious hooded companion intruded and killed Uncle Ben. Peter's vengeance is swift and bloody as he... eats the hooded man? This isn't your average Spidey tale, for Peter is going to get... hungry.
    • Comments: A Fusion Fic with Spider-Man, taking Prototype's concepts and superimposing them on Spidey's corner of Marvel. The fic is now also available on

    A Dead World by Laluzi
    • Recommended by Dark Gidora
    • Synopsis: He had been captured; Alex Mercer knew that much was obvious. But if that was the case, why had his captors just left him there without security? How had he ended up in a bunker buried in some kind of giant desert? Where was everyone? And when the hell did bottlecaps become currency?
    • Comments: A Crossover with Fallout: New Vegas, involving Alex being unleashed upon the Mojave Wasteland just in time to meet up with a certain courier. It features a nice blend of good characterization, action, and comedic moments.

    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Monster's Playground by Anya al'Nighter
    • Recommended by Redazrael, NanoMoose
    • Synopsis: Postgame, full spoilers. The phone rings when Alex walks by Central Park, and old ghosts don't seem to stay dead for very long.
    • Pairing: The real Cross/Alex. Slashfic, rated M.
  •  2 reviews
  • The Specialist by Anonymous
    • Recommended by Erin
    • Synopsis: All he was asking for was a basic explanation… However, when given the option between giving a birds and the bees talk to a sentient virus thing, and just giving a demonstration – well, Alex was a handsome enough creature, and Cross was a man of action, not words.
    • Pairing: Cross/Alex
    • Comments: A fill at the Prototype kink meme, and now this Troper's headcanon as far as Mercer/Blacklight's reproductive biology goes. Features(/warnings for) creative anatomy and sex between a man and a virus-thing.

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