Trivia / [PROTOTYPE]

  • Banned In Germany: Totally expected. Didn't stop us from importing...
  • Dueling Games: This and inFamous, which also features a man with superpowers in a New York-like city with Le Parkour, and which came out a few weeks earlier. Do not mention one on a forum for the other.
    • Yahtzee reviewed both, and decided to compare. His 'scientific method' ended up with the result that both games are on par with each other. In other words, neither is better than the other.
  • He Also Did: Dennis Detwiller, the head writer for the game (but not the comics or sequel), also wrote material for Delta Green; in some regards it almost feels like a Perspective Flip of the Delta Green series; the shady governmental body operating above the law are the antagonists and the horrific abomination is the protagonist. Mercer himself shares some similarities with the Ghouls in Delta Green; from the shapeshifting and relative invulnerability to firearms, to gaining memories from consuming the brains of people.
  • What Could Have Been: There was going to be co-op play, but it was dropped.
    • Early in the game's development, the official website had some story details that were later removed. For instance, Alex's mother would have been a central character as the CEO of GenTek. Another (heavily censored) document talks about the great influenza epidemic that broke in 1918 in the U.S.; it is hinted that influenza was just a cover story, and the outbreak was something else entirely, possibly a natural outbreak of the original Redlight virus. None of this is mentioned in either game.