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  • Comments: Shockz: Solidly written so far, and the author has kept the story fresh by altering not only the familiar summoned, but the world he's summoned into. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. And there are thankfully no harem shenanigans to be found, as Alex scares the living daylights out of virtually everyone he meets. Speaking of Alex, he's written interestingly—he's not an omnicidal asshole, nor is he particularly heroic. He's a predator with the minds and memories of all of his prey within him, and his struggle with that is already proving to be one of the best parts of the story.
  • Jemu99: Much as I feel for poor Saito getting written out again, it's nice to see Mercer mix things up as we know it in canon. It reads essentially how Zero No Tsukaima could have turned out if the harem elements were removed, Saito didn't put up with Louise's violent tendencies all the time, and have superpowers without needing to hold a weapon. Oh, and replace Siesta's Imperial Japanese grandfather with a Japanese-American Blackwatch operative.
  • Guntriggersonmyfeet: Most of the crossovers recommended (except The Hill of Swords which inspired the thread's idea) on this page were birthed by a simple thread idea: "Who would fit as Louise's familiar?". I enjoy the changes that range from obvious ( Louise learning how to do Void magic, Mercer having to deal with his "consume everyone" urges which leads him to only need a sample from humans. He just takes to consuming the orcs for his full meals.) to subtle (What's listed under Jemu99's spoiler). But I would honestly say it's a Love Itor Hate It fic due to some of the changes. Mercer even hugs the Staff of Destruction at one point!

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