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A troper who hails from the strange and disturbing land of Something Awful, 4chan's /v/ and stream site VidyaGamez (Just a viewer, not a streamer. I do suggest some things in chat sometimes.) Nothing notable, probably gonna forget to edit this page should things happen that would seem important at the time it was done. Although I do keep thinking of doing a fanfic where the back story is simply this: "Hale buys out NERV, kicks out SEELE members, Killing Floor happens in the EVA universe through 2008-2010, Hale buys the members of the Killing Floor campaign (Just because Soldier refused to go back because they gave him a real medal), said team becomes Section 2, the angels turn out to be nice people when you get to know them that are trapped in their monsterous forms until defeated and a part where Shinji winds up entering his EVA 2 minutes after drinking Demoman's scrimpy and winding up getting explained why half of the staff were tramatized by a drunk Shinji ripping apart one of the Angels (at least they never liked that one) and eating it's S2 engine. Also Gary Busey winds up becoming president in 2016.


Alternatively a game concept that takes place in a Steam Punk hybrid era of the 1920s where the player character and HP Lovecraft wind up having to deal with a colab of Russians and Germans causing WW 2. And halfway through they fight a giant robot squid that gives Lovecraft his inspiration With steampunk modfied weapons like a Oilthrower (toss a lantern to Kill It with Fire, but you lose your light source temporarly), Steamthrower (Water based flamethrower, useless after a couple of minutes due to rusting problems). It's heavily implied that HG Wells caused the timeline to shift into the Steam Punk and you meet him a few times.

I love wandering through WMG and Fan Fic Recommendations.


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