Reviews: Outcast

Comment by Anonymous

Seconded like hell, oh my God. I normally don't read first person point-of-view, but I really enjoyed hearing this from Finland's perspective—there were even some parts I pretty much forgot it was first person. I had thought about reading it a while ago but the prologue bored me to tears, so I let it go. I'm so happy that I decided to keep reading now because it was just... well, amazing. (I especially loved Denmark's characterization, though he came off a bit evil at first—his Deus Ex Machina at the end made me both laugh and sob.) Seriously, it was wonderful.

coolman229's Review

This was amazing. It was really heartwarming to see Alex be kindhearted instead of angry. I really was surprised to see that there was no fighting in it, and that it was all from PARIAH's perspective. It's interesting to see him as a sympathetic and confused child instead of crazy like Elizabeth Greene. I highly recommend reading this if you are a fan of Prototype.

Comment by Solandra

What initially appears to be just another High School AU gradually becomes something much deeper and more original as it becomes clear that there's a lot more to the story than Finland and Sweden falling in love with each other (although the romance certainly isn't shortcharged either). The only complaint I have about this fic is that Finland falls in love with Sweden too quickly for my taste, but everything else — the supporting characters, the development of Finland and Sweden's relationship beyond the Love At First Sight stage, the surprising depth of the plot — is brilliant.

Dark Gidora's Review

Very character driven. It's a Prototype fanfic with basically no violence, and is both awesome and heartwarming for it. It takes place from the point of view of PARIAH, who is a scared, lonely Creepy Child with a Touch Of Death, and is not presented as a villain. When Alex Mercer shows up, things get touching.