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Fanfic: Snakepit
What happens when a galaxy full of parasitic slavers that think they're gods comes clashing against a planet full of hypercompetant slavers who think they're gods? The answer is Snakepit, by Dark Schtroumpf, as the Goa'uld come head to head with a post-Final War Domination of the Draka.

The entire Stargate universe has been tweaked to make it more realistic, everything from how the Goa'uld's magic/technology shitck would actually affect their worshipers to the now-imperialistic Tollans. In fact, while Earth basically follows Draka canon to the letter, the SG-1 universe is a sort of gritty reboot.

The story can be found here. There's also a sequel, ''Stars of Iron,'' in progress. The sequel is also posted (with active discussion) on both here and on here. There are also two vignette interludes that take place between the two stories.

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