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Pythons? In England?

When he had been taken and cast into prison, his guilty limbs were given to serpents to devour, and adders found ghastly substance in the fibres of his entrails. His liver was eaten away, and a snake, like a deadly executioner, beset his very heart. ... The executioner beheld him beset with poisonous beasts, and asps gorging on that heart which he had borne steadfast in the face of every peril.
Gesta Danorum, book 9: the death of Ragnar Lothbrog

A Snake Pit is the terrestial cousin for Shark Pool - a pit or container full of venomous or otherwise dangerous snakes, other reptilians, arachnids, scorpions or other nasty creatures. The victim is supposed to get killed by multiple angry animal bites or stings. While this is a very nasty and historically plausible way to get killed, it is also fairly impractical.

This trope plays on the often irrational fears many people harbour towards reptiles and arachnids. It likes to pretend that the little crawlies are tiny monsters programmed by nature to attack humans, and therefore will swarm in droves upon a hapless victim if given the chance. In reality, most such creatures avoid humans; stinging or biting us is exclusively a defensive behavior.

A subtrope of Fed to the Beast.


Comic Books
  • In the Don Rosa Scrooge McDuck story "Treasure of the Ten Avatars", Scrooge and Donald run into such a Death Trap.

Fairy Tales
  • When the Ogress in Charles Perrault's "Sleeping Beauty" finds out the cooks have not carried out her order to kill Sleeping Beauty and her children, she orders a large tub to be "filled with toads, vipers, snakes, and all sorts of serpents" as a means to execute Sleeping Beauty, her children, and the disobedient cooks.

  • Gunga Din features a pit full of cobras.
  • A natural Snake Pit occurs in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the heroes fall in a dried-up well full of various snakes.
  • In the James Bond movies:
    • In Live and Let Die, Bond knocks one of the voodoo priests into a coffin full of snakes.
    • In Moonraker, Hugo Drax throws James Bond into a snake pool—a swimming pool where slithers a gigantic reticulated python. Python reticulatus is an excellent swimmer.

  • In Norse Mythology:
    • In the legend of the Niflungs, King Gunnar of the Niflungs is thrown into a snake pit to die by his treacherous brother-in-law Atli. Related in Prose Edda, Poetic Edda and Völsunga saga.
    • In Gesta Danorum, The Saga Of Ragnar Lodbrok and other texts King Ella (or Aelle) of Northumbria has the captured Viking warlord Ragnar Lodbrok executed by throwing him into a pit of vipers.
  • In Sourcery:
    • The Grand Vizier, after learning that all their other methods of execution are out of order, reluctantly has Rincewind thrown into the snake pit. It turns out to contain one snake, which hides in the corner. It's the snake pit, not the snakes pit.
    • There's also Lord Vetinari's scorpion pit, but it's only for mimes.

Live Action Television


  • One of Captain Bimbo's traps in Zortic.

Western Animation

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