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Fanfic: Loves Heartstrings
Love's Heartstrings is one of infamous Fan Fic writer Sue Mary's stories. Stating that she didn't have enough "romanse" in her fanfiction, she wrote what is certainly the romantic drama of the ages... and chose Hannah Montana and Po of Kung Fu Panda as the star-crossed lovers.

The "story" begins with both Hannah and Po both feeling that they "lack the happy tru relashunships", but a chance encounter at "Tarbucks" over a cup of "Coughy" changes everything. Impressed by Po's ability to save John McClane from terrorists, Hannah agrees to go on a date with him. After a dinner at "Red Loster" and an inexplicable cameo by MC King Kong Mushi "Da Ocopose Guy from Prappa Rappa", they are firmly in love. But Hannah's abusive and alcoholic father Billy Ray Cyrus Rubray Cryust interferes and causes a horrible tragedy.

As one can imagine from that summary, Love's Heartstrings is chock-full of Narm, Rouge Angles of Satin, and features the most bizarre examples of Ron the Death Eater and Draco in Leather Pants ever seen in fanfiction.

This fanfic provides examples Of:

Love Hina Double TroubleFanFic/CrossoverLOVE Vs HATE

alternative title(s): Loves Heartstrings
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