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Fanfic: Elfen Lied Children Of Destruction
One day, while walking on the beach, childhood friends and cousins Kouta and Yuka find three mysterious individuals: a naked young woman with pink hair and a pair of cat-ear shaped horns, a little boy, and a severely beaten up adolescent youth. Little do the two cousins know that the girl and the two boys possess more power than the world's entire armies and the events conspiring to draw them into the center of a web of treachery and deceit. A storm is brewing beneath the seemingly calm surface, and will they survive, or... will they fall?

Elfen Lied: Children of Destruction is an Elfen Lied and Dragon Ball Z Cross Over Fan Fic written by LSSJ2 Gohan

Elfen Lied Children Of Destruction provides examples of:

Angel Of MassacreFanFic/Anime and MangaFamily Sticks Together

alternative title(s): Elfen Lied Children Of Destruction
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