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Creator: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
aka: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (sometimes abbreviated to JGL), born February 17, 1981, started his acting career in commercials as a child, getting his big break starring in the 1994 Disney remake of Angels in the Outfield, before starring in the show 3rd Rock from the Sun. Since then, he has broken out of the role that 3rd Rock put him in, first starring in a string of indie films, receiving acclaim from critics for his performances in such movies as Mysterious Skin and Brick. After such movies brought him to the attention of major Hollywood producers, he began to work his way into big budget productions, with prominent supporting roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises and leading roles in 50/50 and Looper. He has been acclaimed by critics on many occasions, and increased public interest in his movies has made him a star on the rise.

He also runs a Web site called, where collaborators from around the world work on various projects. Once a month, Joe will select one "record" to publish and split the money between all the contributors. You can find his tumblr here.

He prefers to be called Joe.

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alternative title(s): Joseph Gordon Levitt; Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Joseph Gordon
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