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The Character Sheet for The Prism Pentad.

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     The Heroes 

Rikus the Mul

One of the main heroes, Rikus is a Mul (Half-Dwarf) gladiator, and probably one of the strongest warriors of Athas. Thanks to his lover Sadira he's hired by the Veiled Alliance and help them against the evil Sorcerer King Kalak. He later fights against the armies of Urik and ends up owning the Scourge of Rkard, the only weapon capable of hurting the Dragon and the Sorcerer Kings. He eventually slays Borys by breaking the sword in his head.


Rikus' partner in both battle and romance for a while, she's a strong warrior and fights alongside Rikus and his friends. She eventually marries Caelum and has a child, Rkard.

  • Action Girl: She's one of the strongest fighters of the series.
  • An Axe to Grind: She usually choose an axe as her weapon of choice. In the first book she uses a "trikal" (which is an axe-like mace).
  • Badass Normal: She's the only one in the main group who relies only on her skills, except in the last book when Sadira enchants her axe.
  • Boobs of Steel
  • Chainmail Bikini: Partially justified, as there's not too much metal on Athas, and is a really hot place anyway.
  • Fiery Redhead: The green-eyed variety.
  • Happily Married: With Caelum.
  • Mama Bear: If you value your limbs, you shouldn't harm her son.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: In the last book she manages to whale on Tithian despite being half blinded and weakened for the struggle against Borys.


A charming half-elf slave who attends Rikus, is quickly revealed to be a sorceress and member of the Veiled Alliance, who plots against Kalak. After his defeat, she actively looks for a way to stop the Dragon, and manages to obtain the power of the Tower of Primords. She's in love with both Agis and Rikus, and eventually marries them both.

Agis of Asticles

A noble senator from Tyr, and a master of the psionic "Way". A really wise and kind noble who joins the fray against Kalak. He has a complicated friendship with Tithian, and eventually ends up chasing him when he escapes from the capital and looks for the Black Lens. Eventually Tithian uses the power of the Obsidian Lens to kill Agis.

Tithian of Mericles

A power-hungry templar serving Kalak, he's a "friend" of Agis. He agrees to help the group against Kalak just for his personal gain. He becomes King of Tyr under the strict control of Agis and the council, but has more ambition. He eventually decides to seek the power of a Sorcerer King, hence, he decides to ally himself with the Dragon and later Rajaat. He manages to reclaim the Obsidian Lens and use it to kill Agis. Eventually, he helps the heroes against Borys, but frees Rajaat from his prison and ends up sealed by accident in another dimension.


A dwarf from Kemalok and a priest of the Sun. Met by Rikus during the war against Urik, ends up following them and falls in love with Neeva, who eventually marries. In the last book he's destroyed by Borys' mind attack.


Sadira's cousin, he's an elf who was severely mutated by the magic of the Tower of Primords. Despite his reptilian looks, he's a powerful warrior and a Windsinger, capable of manipulating the wind with his voice.


Neeva and Caelum's son, is a young Mul and Priest of the Sun. He's believed to be the one destinated to kill the Dragon, but is actually a treachery planned by Tithian. He's however vital to the defeat of Rajaat.

     The Sorcerer Kings 

Borys the Dragon

The legendary Dragon from Athas, at first he was mentioned in the first two books, but became much more relevant later. Every year he gathers and sacrifices a thousand slaves from each city in order to keep Rajaat sealed in Ur-Draxa. In the past he was Borys of Ebe, the "Butcher of Dwarves" and Champion of Rajaat. He's eventually killed by Rikus.


The evil Sorcerer King of Tyr, who's setting up a plan in order to turn himself into another Dragon. Rules the city with an iron fist and keeps the zombified heads of Sacha and Wyan (two former Champions) with him. He's eventually wounded by Rikus and finished off by Agis. In the past he was a Champion known as "Ogre Doom".


The lion-like ruler of Urik and Big Bad of the second book. He's one of the most powerful Sorcerer Kings. He's also one of the three survivors after the battle against Rajaat. During his Champion days he was known as Manu "Troll Scorcher".

  • Big Bad: Of the second book.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He crushes Rikus and annihilates the Legion all by himself.
  • For the Lulz: He's been shown to be quite sadistic with his own men. Like forcing one of them to fight a sword-wielding Rikus "unarmed".
  • Heel–Face Turn: Sort of.
  • Kill It with Fire: "Troll Scorcher".
  • Made of Iron: He took a steel dagger in the heart and survived without much annoyance.
  • Magic Knight: He's one of the physically strongest Sorcerer Kings.
  • No-Sell: He's totally immune to the Scourge of Rkard, because Rajaat made him a champion later in order to substitute another one.
  • One-Winged Angel: Turns into a giant lion man in order to crush the Tyrians.
  • Panthera Awesome: His symbol is a walking lion, he looks like a lion and can turn into one.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: To ordinary steel.


The mysterious Sorcerer King of Nibenay, is mentioned in the third book and appears in the last one as a dragon-like humanoid. He was known as Gallard "Gnome Bane". He's one of the three surviving Sorcerer Kings.


The mighty and ruthless king of Balic, appears as a large, muscled humanoid with sharp teeth, large snout-like nose and protruding bones. He lends part of his fleet to Tithian in book 4 and later re-appears along the other ones in the last book. He's sealed away in the Black by Rajaat. Was known in the past as Albeorn "Elf Killer".

Abalach Re

Sorceress Queen of Raam, she tries to stop our heroes with her armies. After a hard battle, she's killed by Rkard who impales her with a fragment of the Scourge of Rkard, causing her to be dissolved by Rajaat's powers. She was known as Uyness of Waverly, "Orc Plague".


Little-known Sorcerer King of Draj, looks like a bird man and seems pretty obnoxious. He's smashed by Rajaat.. In the past he was the "Annihilator of Wemic".


The "Oba" of Gulg, appears as a beautiful black woman with fangs. She appears in the last book. After taking part in the battle against Rajaat she survives. Was known as Inenek "Aaracockra Scourge''.

    Others: The Verdant Passage 


An exotic beast captured by Tithian in order to use it in the gladiatorial games. Looks like a huge bug who can devour minds and communicate with telepathy.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Looks like a huge orange roach.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Apparently just a big ugly beast, it turns out to be really important to the plot.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Eventually Rikus kills it with the Heartwood spear.
  • Killer Rabbit: At first it doesn't look impressive (compared to the other monsters faced by Rikus at least)... then it touches you with its tentacles....
  • Telepathy: Can communicate with people.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Rikus and Neeva were about to free it, and it answers by killing one of their friends. Turns out the Gaj is quite a pragmatic bastard.


A mute halfling gladiator. She's quite hard to comprehend and quite snippy at times. She helps the group in the Halfling Forest, but eventually betrays them.


A sorcerer of the Veiled Alliance and friend of Nok, he's the one who taught the ways of magic to Sadira. He dies after trying to hold off the pursuing templars.

Sacha and Wyan

Two zombie heads which are seen with Kalak and later owned by Tithian. It's revealed that they were Champions who fought against the rebels and died. They were the "Kobolds Curse" and "Pixie Blight" respectively. Eventually they're destroyed by Rikus.


A great and powerful Halfling sorcerer, who forged the Staff of Ktandeo and the Heartwood spear. He really cares about the forest and is a little hostile towards humans, but will do anything to stop Kalak. Killed by Sadira in the third book when he tries to kill her and retrieve the Staff.

    Others: The Crinsom Legion 

Maetan Lubar

A nobleman from Urik, and Rikus' former owner. He leads his troops against the tyrians and comands the Shadow Giant Umbra. Eventually Rikus capture him and kills him.


The King of the Shadow People, is a huge shadow giant who's serving the Lubar clan and is fought by Rikus many times.


A thri-keen soldier who was brainwashed by the Uriks. He fight alongside Rikus and trusts him.


One of the champions of Borys, is now a wraith. She and her companions wishes to know what happened to Borys, so she follows Rikus in the form of a ruby in his chest and torments him.

    Others: The Amber Enchantress 


Sadira's half sister, is a power-hungry elf and a mediocre sorceress who wants to take her father's place. She's eventually banished and tries to get the required power from the Tower of Primords, but she's killed by its guardians.


Sadira's father and leader of the Sun Smugglers. Sadly, his days of glory are over, and now he has gotten old and drunk, and many of his tribe are willing to overthrow him at the first chance.

Prince Dhojakt

The son of Nibenay, appears as a grotesque human-centipede hybrid with a powerful magic. He pursues Sadira from Nibenay in order to stop her from reaching the Tower.


The new leader of the Shadow People, agrees to help Sadira and her friends to fight against Borys after knowing what happened to Umbra. He's actually a servant of Rajaat and helps them only to free his master. He eventually meets his end at the hands of Rikus.

    Others: The Obsidian Oracle 


A hybrid giant and a loner, he's tricked by Tithian and later befriended by Agis. Is a huge, simple giant who wants friends and company above anything else. Pulls a heroic sacrifice to buy Agis some time to flee.


A female tarek pirate and owner of the Dark Viper. She's hired by Agis to capture Tithian. During the mess on Abydos she's backstabbed by Tithian.


Sachem of the Joorsh Giants, wants to take the Obsidian Oracle from the Saram, and forces Agis and his crew to help him.


Wise leader of the Saram, appears as a huge owl-headed giant. He fights to protect the Oracle but gets killed by Mag'r.

Jo'orsh and Sa'ram

The ancient dwarven Knights who swore to kill Borys, they guards the Black Lens as Undeads, and were the first giants. They're tricked by Tithian into believing that Rkard is the hero destined to kill Borys, and they eventually are killed in the fifth book.

    Others: The Cerulean Storm 

The Spiritual Lords

A series of undead monsters serving under Borys as the commanders of his fleet. They attack our heroes but fail to stop them.


The creator of magic and an extremely powerful sorcerer from the past. He thought that all the "new races" were abominations who needed to be destroyed at all costs. He tried to achieve his goal with the help of his Champions, but they turned on him and sealed him away. The Shadow people are currently trying to release him from the Hollow, and Tithian eventually frees him from his prison. After a desperate battle, Rkard and Sadira manage to seal him forever.