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Johnny Alpha

  • Afro Asskicker: Johnny has a fluffy 'fro crammed into that helmet, and is a most capable asskicker.
  • Anti-Hero: While he's as virtuous and upstanding a person as can be expected in such a setting, he occasionally will do some pretty brutal things in order to survive. For example, he rescues a former comrade from the gallows in one jurisdiction, only to turn him in for the bounty in the next.
  • "Awesome McCool" Name: Invoked. His real last name is Kreelman.
  • Bounty Hunter: Like all Strontium Dogs. It's the only legal employment mutants can have.
  • Cain and Abel: Has two half brothers, both of whom are staunchly anti-mutant.
  • Came Back Wrong: Two examples. In one Strontium Dogs strip, he is back in constant pain until the Gronk gives him a Mercy Kill. During The Life And Death Of Johnny Alpha, he comes back with a parasitic spirit inhabiting him. Even when he gets rid of it, he's more ruthless than he was during his first life.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Johnny's time as a guerilla soldier during the Mutant Uprising seem to have left him with a distinct aversion to anything remotely resembling a "fair fight". Knuckledusters, explosives, booby-traps and Time Travel weapons are regular parts of his arsenal.
  • Compressed Hair: How that afro fits into that helmet, we'll never know.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Subverted. Johnny is rarely seen without his, and it does save his life on occasion.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Does this to allow the other mutants to escape at the end of The Final Solution and may have done it again at the end of The Life And Death Of Johnny Alpha.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Especially seeing as most mutants are cosmetically deformed, Johnny can pass for a normal human, provided he keeps his eyes hidden. He gets a rather revealing Shower Scene in "The Kreeler Conspiracy".
  • Nom de Guerre: "Alpha" is quite obviously an assumed name, and Johnny has good reason to not want people to know that his real last name is Kreelman.
  • X-Ray Vision: One of the many applications of Johnny's "alpha ray"-emitting eyes.

Wulf Stenhammer

The Gronk

    Strontium Dogs 

Durham Red

  • Our Vampires Are Different: Immune to diseases and toxins and doesn't age. She has long fangs and uses them to drink blood from people and animals, which she needs to survive. Red's condition is a strontium 90-induced mutation and in no way supernatural, and is never treated like anything else.
  • She's Got Legs: Most of her outfits tend to show them off, especially when combined with Combat Stilettos that accent them.
  • Stripperific: As close to a futuristic Chainmail Bikini as is possible.
  • Unfortunate Names: Durham Red is the name of a breed of shorthorn cattle.
  • Vampires Are Sex Gods: She's actually a mutant with a condition resembling vampirism, but she's also Ms. Fanservice.

Archibald "Middenface" McNulty


King Clarkie II

  • The Good King: Spacey and politically naïve, but can always be counted on to do right when prodded into action.


Nelson Bunker Kreelman

  • Big Bad: Even though Kreelman himself is relegated to a back-burner quite early on, the racist legislation he pushed and his followers are reappearing antagonistic forces.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Replace "Jews" with "Mutants" and you are on the money. He even provides the page picture.
  • President Evil: He comes to power on the anti-mutant ticket, slaughtering them as much as possible. In the original stories, he becomes British Prime Minister. In the modern stories, it's noted that he was President of Earth.