Characters: Mork and Mindy


Played by Robin Williams

Mindy McConnell

Played by Pam Dawber

Fred and Cora McConnell

  • Cool Old Lady: Grandma Cora rides a motorcycle and prefers modern music to the classical which Mindy's father likes.
  • Put on a Bus / The Bus Came Back: They were absent for the second season, but Mr. McConnell returned.
  • Straight Man: Mindy's father even more so than she.


Mr. Bickley

  • Awful Wedded Life: He wasn't too close to his wife from a one-off comment that he made, although this could be his own fault.
  • Cranky Neighbor: most of his character.
  • Pet the Dog: Quite literally. While grumpy to most people, he dotes on his dog, Bickie.
  • Tsundere: Mr. Bickley is a rare male example. He acts harsh, but every time someone shows him kindness, he becomes adorable.

Remo and Gina DaVinci

  • Famous-Named Foreigner: The two have the name "DaVinci." Mork even calls Remo "Leonardo's boy" when he first meets him.