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Funny: Mork and Mindy
  • Many, many moments on Mork and Mindy. Heck, some could call it a Crowning Show Of Funny, but a few particular episodes stand out.
  • The scene when Mork de aged himself to a toddler his baby voice and acting was just too much!
  • In "Mork's Health Tips", Mork's attempts to get Mindy out of the hospital so that the doctors will not perform unnecessary brain surgery on her. Including doing Kung Fu.
    Mork: Look out, Bruce Lee lives! Waaaa!
    Doctor and nurse wrestle him down from the windowsill. Sounds of struggling. Yelp from nurse.
    Nurse: He bit me!
    • This gets even funnier at the end of the episode, when Mork and Mindy are chatting with Remo and Gina (apparently after Mindy has finally gotten her tonsils out).
    Mork: You're lucky, Min. You'll only be sore for a few days. I'm gonna be sore for a week.
    Remo: Why?
    Mork: 'Cause the nurse bit me back.
  • In "Mork Goes Public" Mindy and Mr. McConnell pose as aliens to keep Mork from being recognized as one and taken away. The reporter says, "You three are without a doubt the most unconvincing aliens I've ever seen...and Mork, you are the worst."
  • In "Mork in Wonderland", Mork is dressed in striped pajamas, complete with cap. Mindy comments that he looks like "a Ku Klux candy cane".

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