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Quotes: Mork and Mindy
Fonzie (in response to the spaceship noises): All right, all right, all right, who's going "wee-wee-wee"? (noises continue) I said, who's going "wee-wee-wee"? Ralph, if you're out there and this is a bad joke, I'll give you thirty seconds to find out how much I don't enjoy "wee-wee-wee", eh? (opens door and sees Mork) Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Fonzie: This must be some kind of a dream, y'know? Of course it's a dream, that's why Mary never heard of me!
Mork: Sorry, real thing! I had to zap your mind to make you forget; didn't want you to go bozo city.

Fonzie (when Mork sits on his face): You know, it is very hard to talk to you like this.

Fred McConnell (about Mork): Let me get this straight — he's from a more advanced society?
"Mork Runs Down"

Mork: Of course there are no germs in here after my spritz-krieg! Ha ha! I hereby declare this room free from — wait a minute. I've just committed germicide.

Mork: Look out! I've got a thermometer and you don't know where it's been!
"Mork's Health Tips"

Mork: Please, please I'll do anything! I'll shovel the dishes; I'll wash the snow. Just please, don't make me go back upstairs to him!
Mindy: Who?
"Sky Flakes Keep Falling On My Head"

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