Characters / JL8

Here go character tropes for the webcomic JL8.

Clark Kent

The (Super)boy who will become Superman. He's very keen on doing the right thing, which manages to keep Bruce from crossing lines. He has a crush on Diana.

Bruce Wayne

The boy who will become the Bat. He's very stern, over the top, and a bit of a brat. Still, he tries his best to do right. He has a crush on Karen.

Hal Jordan

The Littlest Lantern. He loves space. He is good friends with J'onn and Barry.

Barry Allen

The Boy Flash. Something of a smart-aleck and a prankster. Loves nothing more than driving people up the wall. And food.

J'onn J'onzz

The Martian Greenhorn. He is a new student in Mr. Shwartz's class, and the son of a Martian ambassador. He is still learning Earth customs, and while Barry and Hal help him out, they sometimes do more harm than good.


The Wonder Girl. She is the feisty keeper of playground peace, and refuses to stand for any wrongdoings. She is the Princess of the Amazons, a role she is initially displeased with, but eventually comes to terms with. She is Karen's best friend.

Karen Starr

The Power Pint-Sizer. Karen loves ponies, princesses, Clark, and her best friend Diana. She has a tendency to get jealous.

Lex Luthor

A smug little creep in a child-size business suit, Lex is the leader of a group of older kids who bully our heroes.
  • Big Bad: The closest thing to a recurring villain that the comic has had.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He regularly mocks the superheroes. It doesn't always end well for him.
  • Evil Redhead: He hasn't yet gone bald at this point.
  • Narcissist: Clark calls him on this, and his constant cooler-than-thou expression doesn't help.

Lois Lane

The new girl who moved in across the street from the Kents.