Characters / I Am Weasel

IM Weasel

The main protagonist, a heroic weasel, who is everything I. R. Baboon wishes, and possibly imagines, he was. Weasel is often seen volunteering to help those less fortunate than himself, or contributing great deals to society by erecting monuments and structures with beneficial results.

Voiced by Michael Dorn

IR Baboon

The other main character of the series. Most times he is seen taking a back seat to Weasel's escapades, and feeling resentful and jealous towards him. But there are those rare occasions when the two act as the best of friends.

Voiced by Charlie Adler

The Red Guy/I.B. Red Guy

The same character from Cow and Chicken (only he goes by I.B. Red Guy or the many names that refer to his not wearing pants), who acts as an antagonist of the series, whenever I. R. Baboon isn't fulfilling the role.

Voiced by Charlie Adler

  • The Devil Is a Loser: If he's not running some aimless fraudulent business, Red Guy will sometimes be the damsel in distress Weasel and Baboon need to protect.


The Weasel's blonde and attractive nurse assistant. As a minor character, she made most of her appearances in Season 2 and became out of focus. She is often speculated as Weasel's girlfriend.

  • Big Eater: Lullabelle is shown to be this in the ice fishing episode.
  • Femme Fatale: "Weasel, I'm hungry..."