Characters / G.I. Joe: Resolute

G.I. Joe



  • The Voiceless: Like most versions of the character, he never speaks.


  • Action Girl: The only Joe one, Lady Jaye doesn't even get any lines, and the most Cover Girl does is aid in the Flagg's evacuation.
  • Guns Akimbo: She fights this way in Siberia.
  • Love Triangle: She has to decide between Duke and Snake Eyes. Chose Duke.



  • Iconic Outfit: Like the other characters, his is different, doesn't go with the no-shirt, chest tattoo exposing look from the 80's cartoon.


Tunnel Rat

  • Sole Survivor: A whole bunch of mostly unnamed Joes go on the mission to knock out the strattellites. The mission is a success, but only Tunnel Rat comes back.
  • The Determinator: Lots of things go wrong on the aforementioned mission, but Tunnel Rat never gives up.

Dial Tone

  • Gender Flip: Goes from a black haired man with a mustache in a Joe-typical custom uniform in the Sunbow series to a light haired young lady in a standard tan navy uniform in this one for some reason.
  • The Glasses Come Off: Played with. Unlike the IDW version, this one never had any to start with.


  • Adapted Out: Killed off, not like Major Bludd, though.
  • Iconic Outfit: Got to keep his too, except the helmet.
  • Trojan Horse: Storm Shadow use's his body as one to give a note to the Joes.

Wild Bill


  • Iconic Outfit: Almost like the Sunbow version, but now has no shoulder ammo belts, or camo pants, and has a long glove on his left forearm to replace the belts, and an elbow cover on his right arm.

Lady Jaye

  • Action Girl: Averted, despite being one of the top four protagonist's in the Sunbow show, which wasn't meant to have one, this Lady Jaye doesn't even get to speak.
  • Iconic Outfit: Almost like the Sunbow version, but now has the action figure's black cap, and a more original belt and two elbow covers as opposed to Flint's one.
  • Signature Device: Averted. No sign of her javelins.



  • Iconic Outfit: His is gone, no yellow uniform, or helmet. Does get green tinted glasses, though.


  • The Ghost: Flint mentions his name, but he isn't seen.

Cover Girl

  • Action Girl: Averted, only helps evacuate the Flagg when it's about to be sunk.


Cobra Commander

  • Adaptational Badass: He blows up Moscow, killing 10 million people, just to prove that from now on he'd better be taken seriously.
  • Bad Boss: Will kill his own troops.
  • Big Bad: As is the case with most continuities, he is the main antagonist.
  • The Blank: This version only wears his featureless facemask.
  • Precision F-Strike
    Cobra Commander: There will be no move to take over my command. There will be no mistakes. There will be none of your CRAP! NONE OF IT!
  • Putting on the Reich: His outfit is easily the Nazi-est Cobra Commander has ever worn, and the black and red action figure released in a multi-pack makes the Nazi elements spring out even more.


  • The Sociopath: This Baroness is just as ruthless as much as when she tried to get Shipwreck's mind controlled nephew to smash some minerals in a Sunbow episode.



Major Bludd

Storm Shadow