Characters: Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer Characters

A list of the multiplayer characters in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. See the main ''Black Flag'' index for other character pages, and for modern day and game-unspecific cast, here is the main series index.

Be aware that this page WILL contain some unhidden spoilers!

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     All Characters 

Tropes pertaining to all Characters

  • Blade Below the Shoulder: All characters have access to a hidden blade, short spike, knife, or dirk to execute their stealthier kills.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: All characters can have these added to them.
  • I Shall Taunt You: All characters have unique taunts that can be used at any time during a match, and are necessary to complete certain challenges.
  • Le Parkour
  • Light Is Not Good/Dark Is Not Evil: Unlike in AC3, the 'light' and 'dark' costumes are now 'Assassin' and 'Templar' costumes, and the roles are reversed: Templar costumes are described as showing 'honor and order', and Assassin costumes mention 'fighting for the enemy'.
  • Tribal Face Paint: All of the characters have a variety of war paints and tattoos available for customization purposes.

     The Adventurer 

The Adventurer (Alejandro Ortega de Márquez)

Father to Lucia Márquez, Alejandro Ortega de Márquez was a privateer, who led Spanish charges through the colonies, and personally seized smaller West Indie Islands in the name of King Philip V of Spain. He is rumored to have spent a year or more living among the Taino, though the exact location is not clear. Unbeknownst to his wife and children in Spain, he may have even taken a Taino bride and fathered one or more children.


Blackbeard (Edward Thatch)

Added in the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC.

Gruff and short-tempered, Blackbeard uses fear rather than violence to get his way, avoiding killing whenever possible. Although little is known of his early life, he is believed to have been born between 1680 and 1685 in Bristol, and took to the sea from as young as sixteen years of age. By 1717, he had become a pirate icon.

     The Buccaneer 

The Buccaneer (Parry Crowther)

A pirate's pirate, Parry Crowther embraces the gentlemanly connotations of the somewhat antiquated term "buccaneer," using his multifaceted personality to mask and facilitate his true business. Imposing and heavyset, he has a strong, extroverted nature, and despite his tendency to drink, has a gentle manner among friends.

     The Cuttthroat 

The Cutthroat (Adrien Flood)

Born in Ireland and abandoned at an orphanage in Cork, Adrien Flood escaped at the age of eight, and stowed away on a ship bound for the West Indies, which was subsequently seized by Kumi Berko's pirates. He quickly earned a place for himself as a deckhand, then a spy, being fast and small and able to fit into tight spaces and get at hard-to-reach spots and tough-to-hear information. As he grew older his obnoxious personality began to emerge. Sarcastic and impertinent, he also began to display a sadistic side, and was put to work as a torturer and disciplinarian.

     The Dandy 

The Dandy (Comte Alphonse de Marigot)

Born Alfie Gardner, to common parents in England, Comte Alphonse de Marigot quickly outgrew his humble background. At 15, he found a job at the newly established Comédie Francaise in Paris, and took advantage of every opportunity to meet men of power and influence. In his 18th year he accepted a job aboard a merchant brigantine and sailed for the West Indies. On his patron's death, he inherited the business, and established the de Marigot plantation in Martinique.

     The Duelist 

The Duelist (Renaldo Aguilar)

Born in Spain, to an influential family branched from a bourbon dynasty, Renardo Aguilar became a master swordsman in the Verdadera Destreza school, and a lover of strategy games. Not satisfied with the competition available at home, he embarked on a journey to bring his technique to the Spanish colonies in Central and South America. He never forgot his roots or lost his taste for fine Madeira wine. He has been romatically linked to Felicia Moreno.

     The Firebrand 

The Firebrand (Dominique Jean)

Born in Saint-Domingue, Dominique Jean is the niece of a voodoo houngan and grew up under his doting tutelage. A clear and creative thinker with an open heart, she prefers to lead through her action. A generous collaborator, she is nevertheless deadly if crossed. At 16, she met Kumi Berko. They shared a brief romantic relationship that was cut short by his departure from the island.

     The Huntsman 

The Huntsman (William de Saint-Prix)

Returning from Assassin's Creed III.

A man of privilege, William de Saint-Prix was born to an aristocratic French family and received the best education. He was particularly adept at science and literature, and learned enough to design his own weapons and create a signature fighting style. Shunned by revolutionaries for his noble beginnings, his wit and courage earned him the respect of his compatriots.

     The Jaguar 

The Jaguar (Cuali)

Added in the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC.

Cuali (a name which means "good" in Nahuatl) is an Aztec warrior from Mexico, who took to the sea, joining any mission that would allow him to combat the Spanish conquest of central America. A fighter, he survived the destruction of his community and went on to join forces with a growing society of native men who sought renewed peace and order.

     Lady Black 

Lady Black (Lucia Márquez)

Fending for herself from the age of 12, Lucia Márquez took to the streets, using any means necessary to survive. Apprehended stealing a horse from an individual of notable power in her 17th year, she accepted training instead of jail, and in time developed a taste for comfort and order.

     The Mercenary 

The Mercenary (Kumi Berko)

The son of an Ashanti Empire chief, Kumi Berko knew wealth and power early on in his life. Following a territorial dispute, he was captured, sold into slavery, and transported to Jamaica. He joined the Maroons after being freed by the warrior, Cudjoe, in a plantation raid.

     The Navigator 

The Navigator (Hillary Flint)

Born the third son to an aristocratic family, Hilary Flint spent a happy childhood immersed in the study of math and science, taking a particular extracurricular interest in things that go "boom." His parents sent him to military school as a teenager to help shape his potentially delinquent interests into a socially acceptable form. Easygoing and likeable, he soon found a home within the school's many clubs, and even a secret society or two.

     The Night Stalker 

The Night Stalker (Joe)

Returning from Assassin's Creed III. See more information on his true history on the associated page.

Stalking the streets of New York by night, this mercenary was known only as Joe. The legends that surround him paint him as a brutal killer motivated only by coin, but closer investigation reveals that his alleged victims are linked by a history of violence against women. Might his motivations be different from what his historical records claim?

     The Orchid 

The Orchid (Jing Lang)

Added in the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC.

The daughter of a rebel, Jing Lang grew up fighting. As a young woman, she developed a talent for negotiation, and a knack for languages. She broke the ties with her family to serve as a military advisor for a Qing dynasty general her father opposed, and ultimately performed so well, she was granted a diplomatic post. Using piracy as a cover for her political activities, she traveled the world, banding with any who might serve her ultimate desire for negotiated order.

     The Physician 

The Physician (Edmund Judge)

Doctor Edmund Judge takes a calculating and sometimes brutal approach to medicine. An expert in poisons, he is always in search of something to test them on. He appears philanthropic, but always expects something in return. He demands order, but operates outside of legal structures.

     The Puppeteer 

The Puppeteer (Felicia Moreno)

Born to a family of thieves, Felicia Moreno became a master of disguise and sleight-of-hand almost before she could walk: crying on cue to help her older sisters beg, and batting her eyelashes to distract old women while her brothers stole their groceries. As a young lady, she teamed up with Lucia Marquez and set her sights on larger prey, robbing stagecoaches, infiltrating balls and theaters, and pilfering jewels from young princesses and nobles.

     The Rebel 

The Rebel (Ferreira de Ortega)

The daughter of Alejandro Estrada de Ortega, Ferriera comes from a long line of Spanish Templars. But, unlike her brothers who were groomed for the Order from a young age, she and her sisters were excluded. Disinterested in the domestic life scripted for her by her parents, she left home at seventeen to pursue a life of adventure.

     The Shaman 

The Shaman (Dakodonou)

Added in the Guild of Rogues DLC.

Sold into slavery at the age of fourteen, Dakodonou kept his beliefs and his desires to establish a better life for his people a secret. Escaping captivity years later, Dokodonou trained with the Assassins, leaving only to educate himself in Haitian Vodou and carry on his true calling: to create a new world.

     The Siren 

The Siren (Sylvia Seabrooke)

Added in the Guild of Rogues DLC.

The daughter of a goods trader, Sylvia Seabrooke spent more time dreaming about the sea than husbands. When she lost her brothers to the New World, Sly disguised herself as her brother and went to work on the ships. Noticing her navigational skills, she was persuaded to join and recruited into the Templar order.

     The Stowaway 

The Stowaway (Charlie Oliver)

Added in the Guild of Rogues DLC.

Running from his parents at the age of ten, Charlie Oliver, calling himself "Charlie the Great", hid aboard a ship headed for the New World, in a barrel full of apples. His endless chattering was what led him to the Comte de Marigot, who, not knowing what else to do with him, introduced him to the Templar order.

     The Wayfarer 

The Wayfarer (Manuel Mendoza)

Manuel Mendoza wandered the globe, trying on many identities and professions before settling down as a humble coffee farmer, keeping his true affiliations private. Known to disappear for months at a time, his neighbors always assume he is simply assisting the plantation owner and his merchant friends with their business.