Awesome: American Girls Collection

  • In Samantha's movie, Eddie gleefully gets her and Nellie in hot water for sleeping in the boathouse. They repay him by dumping his entire money jar into the church collection plate.
    • If the reader insert ends up working in a thread factory in Samantha's My Journey book, we see her standing up to the manager, who's locked them all in and refuses to give them breaks, and screaming "I quit!" before pushing past him and running.
    • Another Samantha example — in the mystery The Curse of Ravenscourt, Samantha and Nellie are about to be attacked when Cornelia appears out of nowhere and demands, "Get your hands off my daughters." The fact that Cornelia so plainly refers to the girls this way, even though it's not a biological relationship, doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
  • Felicity Merriman can ride a spooky Thoroughbred mare bareback and bridleless. In skirts.
  • Kirsten faces down an angry mama bear to rescue her little brother.
    • In her mystery, after having been afraid of the wilderness and the animals for so long and just wanting to go back home, she flings meat at wolves that are chasing their cart, screaming, "Just leave us alone!".
  • Kaya throws sand in the eyes of a cougar to give her wounded friend time to escape. When that doesn't work, she punches it in the nose.
    • In a way, her making it back from her captivity, especially with a partially lame boy in tow, counts as this.
  • Addy's My Journey book has one for Reverend Drake. If Addy and the reader insert are captured by the slave-catcher who's mistaken them for the girls he was hired to find, the reverend bursts into their office to vouch for them and dares anyone in the building to stand against his claim. He knows full well that, if this weren't a kids' book with every ending guaranteed to be happy, there's a very high chance that he could be thrown out and laughed at even with solid proof, but he's not going to let this stand.
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