Awesome: American Girls Collection

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     Kaya (1764) 
  • Kaya throws sand in the eyes of a cougar to give her wounded friend time to escape. When that doesn't work, she punches it in the nose.
  • Kaya making it back from her captivity, especially with a partially lame boy in tow, counts as this.
  • Kaya's mentor Swan Circling is a walking example of Crowning Moment of Awesome. Not only is she the only warrior woman in her band of the tribe, but she rides out in the dead of winter to get medicine for a sick baby and is killed when her horse slips in an icy creek.

     Felicity (1774) 
  • Felicity Merriman can ride a spooky Thoroughbred mare bareback and bridleless. In skirts.
    • She also sneaks in the middle of the night (with Ben's help and his breeches) to save the same mare from it's abusive owner, Ben points out for her to be careful since the punishment for horse theft is hanging. A 9 year old girl , in 1774, wears breeches to save a horse despite the risk of getting caught and possibly killed. That is awesome.
  • Felicity Learns A Lesson: After being divided on joining in the tea time for her tutoring and on her familys' loyalty to the tea boycott, Felicity politely turns down tea (the point is that it's rarely polite to turn down any offers of tea and treats during tea time), making her loyalties clear.
    I shall take no tea.
    • Elizabeth calling out Annabelle for calling her "Bitsy" and bossing her around, she then threatens to call her sister "Bananabelle" and states she knows about her crush on Ben.
  • The plot of Felicity's Dancing Shoes revolves around Felicity despairing over her poor dancing skills and her lack of slippers for the lessons, she borrows her younger sister Nan's shoes for the school lessons in exchange for teaching her the skills she picked up, overtime Felicity is convinced the slippers are magic; when her mother finds out, she forbids her from borrowing them and Felicity returns to her dance lessons with her heavy street shoes....yet has improved her dancing!
  • Happy Birthday Felicity! has Felicity overhearing a conversation between Mr. Cole and a redcoat concerning the Governor's plan on taking gunpowder from the Magazine: Loyalist Mr. Cole makes it clear that the colonists wouldn't be unreasonable in mistrusting the Governor after that and Felicity warns Ben and their militia drummer friend Marcus, the three sneak out and catch the men in the act and shout the news to the angry townspeople. Not bad for two teenage boys (one of whom is black and is under curfew) and an almost 10 year old girl.
  • In Felicity Saves the Day, she manages to protect the injured Ben (despite him being a runaway to the Patriot Army), sneaking him food and bandages. Then when two bounty hunters come looking for him (and aren't afraid to get rough with him), she rides out during a storm to get Ben to just turn himself back in to her Dad. She also tells him how foolish he's being.
    • Also one for Penny: she started off as a frightened and skittish horse in the series; now she's shown as being focused on having Felicity safely reach Ben during a storm.
  • Changes For Felicity:
    • Grandfather arranging to have Jiggy Nye's debts paid off, Mr. Cole bailed out from jail (since he's a Loyalist), and Felicity's ownership of Penny secured all before he died. This also manages to get Jiggy back on the right track in life.
    • Jiggy Nye successfully birthing Penny and her foal...Patriot.
    • Felicity starts to run her Father's store with Marcus's help (what she's always wanted to do since the 1st book) when her Father volunteers to deliver supplies to the Patriots.
  • Very Funny Elizabeth! has them in spades:
    • Felicity notes that Elizabeth isn't so intimidated by Annabelle as when they first met, since then Elizabeth has took a level in badass.
      "Twas you who taught me to stand up to Annabelle Bananabelle!" Elizabeth replied. "Mind, she still snips at me as much as ever. But I don't let her scolding bother me anymore. 'Tis just part of her silliness. And now I know that it is more fun to laugh than to be afraid."
    • Elizabeth's prank on the Grande Dame Lady Lacey (who is arranging for Annabelle to marry her cowed brother and is requesting the girls to move to England to live with them): she scooped some snowballs into the woman's wig and when she starts dancing during the party, she ends up running out of the room before she could make the announcement (one that can't be taken back as per social convention).
      • Elizabeth soon has this response, one to garner a smile from Annabelle:
      "Gracious, Prissabelle!" she said. "Ladies in England never whimper! And surely you of all people must know that they never run out of the room without making a proper curtsy!"
    • Lord Harry standing up to his sister, telling her that she isn't going to make the decisions for him now, he and Annabelle amicably break their engagement and when Lady Lacey tells Annabelle she isn't fit to be "Lady Lacey", Annabelle finally tells her off:
      "I beg your pardon, Miss Priscilla. But what I know is that my name is just plain Annabelle Cole, and that my sister Elizabeth has helped me see that there's nothing wrong with that—or with being who I truly am. I'd rather have people respect me for what I do than for what my name is." Annabelle grinned at Elizabeth, then said, "And I have become much too independent-minded to allow anyone to tell me what to do every moment of the day! I guess I had better stay here in the colonies, where people are proud of thinking for themselves."

     Josefina (1824) 
  • Josefina locking the bad tempered goat Floricita, after the goat ate Josefina's gift to Tia Dolores (a bouquet of flowers), the beginning of the book stated that Josefina was scared of her and the goat could and will bite her. Not bad for timid Josefina.
  • Tia Dolores's idea for replacing the herd of sheep that drowned in the flood: start weaving several blankets out of the wool they have, so they can start replacing the sheep when the traders come to Santa Fe; the mood of the ranch has been revitalized.
    • According to Abuelito (her father), Dolores insistence on bringing her piano really paid off. When some bandits attack the wagon train, the wagon carrying the piano (enclosed in a box) fell into an arroyo and produced a loud sound that scared off the bandits.
  • Josefina killing a rattlesnake that just bit her friend and saving her friend from dying, by making a poultice from a root and squeezing the poison out.
    • Also it was revealed before to Josefina that her father did kill a rattlesnake after it bit him as a child; he kept the rattle as a souvenir, which he soon gives to Josefina.
  • Francisca and Josefina going out in the middle of the night to retrieve the necessary goods they've traded for, before their Dad goes into town to reverse the deal.
  • The Character Development by the end of the main series: Senor Montoya is happier, Josefina is a little more confident and less shyer than she used to be, Ana is more confident as a homemaker, and all girls have more skills in their hands. Tia Dolores can surely pat herself on the back
  • Papa proposing to Tia Dolores and she accepts.

     Caroline (1812) 

     Cecile and Marie-Grace (1853) 
  • Marie-Grace's father successfully bluffing the slave owner who came for the baby boy abandoned at the Gardners' front door, by claiming the baby was anything but in perfect health.

     Kirsten (1854) 
  • The first book had a scene where Kirsten gets lost in New York City, she's soon assisted by a kind woman and soon asks the woman to take her to the port to meet the family despite their language barrier.
  • Kirsten reciting the story of the Larson family's voyage to America in English, after she struggled with it for most of the book.
  • Kirsten faces down an angry mama bear to rescue her little brother.
  • In her mystery, after having been afraid of the wilderness and the animals for so long and just wanting to go back home, she flings meat at wolves that are chasing their cart, screaming, "Just leave us alone!".
  • Kirsten helping herself, her father, and their horse through a snowstorm in "Kirsten's Surprise". She also leads them to a cave where she played with her friend Singing Bird. Her father is impressed about her forest know how
  • In her birthday book, Kirsten rides the horse Blackie rapidly to fetch her aunt and Dad when her Mother starts to give birth.
  • "Changes For Kirsten":
    • According to her brother Lars, Kirsten has a keen sense of what animals do and knows the forest.
    • Kirsten gathering items like the rifle and her Mom's candlesticks into the family trunk (which contains items like the family Bible) when the cabin catches on fire.
    • Lars and Kirsten finding the pelts of the recently expired Old Jack, which would sell for enough money combined with the money their father is earning in a far off logging camp, to buy the frame house belonging to their departing friends. After the Larson family have immigrated from Sweden, dealt with the hardships of starting a new home in America, assimilating, Britta's birth, and their cabin burned down, they have the home Mrs. Larson states is what she and her husband dreamed of.

     Addy (1864) 
  • Addy and her Mothers' escape to Philadelphia in the first book counts, with Addy even being able to fool some Confederate soldiers into thinking she's their water boy (it was night and she was clad in boy's clothes).
    • Miss Caroline, a white Southern woman, is a conductor on the Underground Railroad and she makes it very clear she doesn't "cotton to those Confederates". She could've been considered a traitor, that is one righteous lady.
  • Addy's My Journey book has one for Reverend Drake. If Addy and the reader insert are captured by the slave-catcher who's mistaken them for the girls he was hired to find, the reverend bursts into their office to vouch for them and dares anyone in the building to stand against his claim. He knows full well that, if this weren't a kids' book with every ending guaranteed to be happy, there's a very high chance that he could be thrown out and laughed at even with solid proof, but he's not going to let this stand.
  • At the end of Addy Learns A Lesson, she manages to spell a difficult word (one that even tripped up Know-Nothing Know-It-All and Academic Alpha Bitch Harriet) and win the class spelling bee. The same Addy that started the book not knowing how to read.
    • Miss Dunn for averting Adults Are Useless and being able to curb the "Girl World" politics in her classroom; she also grew up a slave like Addy and Sarah and is now an educated teacher, it's no wonder the girls love her so much.
  • Happy Birthday Addy!
    • Cool Old Lady M'Dear is one sitting Crowning Moment of Awesome in person: she's blind yet strengthened her other senses and has a high sense of self-worth and autonomy that she shares with Addy and Sarah.
    • Poppa finding a job as a carpenter.
    • The end of the Civil War is announced and celebrated with the whole city celebrating and Addy picks that day to be her birthday.
  • Addy chases after a thief (a taller girl) at the fair in "Addy Saves The Day", she manages to fight over the carpetbag and is soon found out to have several money boxes from other booths.
  • The elderly Auntie Lula's bringing herself and baby Esther to Philadelphia before she dies. She and her husband Benjamin, who lived their lives in slavery, have died free and away from the plantation they lived at.
  • Addy reading the Emancipation Proclamation aloud for her church in Changes. Keep in mind, this is a girl who couldn't even spell or read her own name at the beginning of the series.

     Samantha (1904) 
  • In Samantha's movie, Eddie gleefully gets her and Nellie in hot water for sleeping in the boathouse. They repay him by dumping his entire money jar into the church collection plate.
  • If the reader insert ends up working in a thread factory in Samantha's My Journey book, we see her standing up to the manager, who's locked them all in and refuses to give them breaks, and screaming "I quit!" before pushing past him and running.
  • In the mystery The Curse of Ravenscourt, Samantha and Nellie are about to be attacked when Cornelia appears out of nowhere and demands, "Get your hands off my daughters." The fact that Cornelia so plainly refers to the girls this way, even though it's not a biological relationship, doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
  • Samantha Learns A Lesson: Nellie and later, Samantha, exposing the privileged residents of small town Mount Bedford to the atrocities of child labor in factories. For Nellie, it might have been traumatic and painful to bring up such memories just to educate her sheltered friend about the price of progress and cheaper thread.
  • Nellie has a creative one in Samantha's Winter Party: the book's own conflict revolved around how Nellie doesn't have much money to give Samantha and their friends presents for the party, later after she receives new ice skates from them, she leads them outside where there were pine cone ornaments and candles arranged by her to transform the skating lake into a Winter Wonderland.
  • In Samantha Saves the Wedding, Cornelia's youngest sister (Alice) destroys what turns out to be her wedding veil; in a rush, Samantha convinces Uncle Gard they can drive to Mount Bedford and back so she'd retrieve her late Mother's veil for Cornelia to wear. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • How Cornelia manages to state her progressive views despite Grandmary's objections, she manages to state her views in a polite manner and later makes a speech about how Women's Suffrage is needed and it manages to convince Grandmary! Plus their relationship is far from Obnoxious In-Laws
  • Samantha, Agnes, and Agatha keeping the Admiral comfortable (he was injured while looking for them) and rowing back to Piney Point in a storm, in a rocky passage. The same passage and storm where Samantha's parents died 5 years earlier. Not bad for three 10 year old girls.
  • Samantha helping Nellie and her sisters escape from the Orphanage of Fear.
    • Samantha's movie adds to this particular awesome moment. Cornelia reports Miss Frouchy's abuse of the girls to a friend and generous donor, who then gets Miss Frouchy removed from her job, partially for abuse and partially because she was misappropriating donations. Cornelia, Gard, and the donor also all stand up for Samantha when she is accused of stealing said funds herself.
  • Nellie finally telling off her Uncle for neglecting and abandoning her and her sisters, just to get him to sign the adoption papers.

     Rebecca (1914) 
  • In Meet Rebecca, the family finally makes enough money to buy tickets for their relatives in Russia, thanks to Max finally becoming a full-time film actor, Papa's earnings, and Rebecca's selling her trousseau lace.
  • Rebecca and Ana had the girls, after Ana has been struggling with her English sing "You're a Grand Old Flag" at a school show beautifully and with Ana's sick older brother finally returning and recovering from his leg infection.
  • Rebecca and the Movies has Rebecca star in her first (uncredited) film role and she aces it, not bad for an amateur 10 year old.
  • In Rebecca to the Rescue, Rebecca's cousin Ana disappears to ride the Ferris wheel and prove she isn't afraid of it. When the Ferris wheel breaks down and Ana gets stuck on it, Rebecca volunteers to climb a ladder much taller than she is to rescue Ana—and successfully does what grown firemen could not. Awesome indeed.
  • In Changes for Rebecca, Ana helps Rebecca see the harsh reality of working in a sweatshop. Rebecca makes it her mission to stand up for laborers' rights. Not only does she sneak out to join a picket line, but she gets up on a soapbox, makes a stirring speech, and is hit in the head with a rock for her trouble. This does not stop her crusade—she gives the rest of the speech while bleeding, and is later publicly honored for it.
    • The wives of the factory workers, including Ana's mother Fannie: they bring their hatpins when they hear of the strike and use them against thugs stopping them.
    • Rebecca, Max, and Lily watching the feature film they worked on during the spring with Ana. This marks the first time Max was in a starring role and one of the first times they started crediting the names of screen actors. Also Max and Lily are married, a far cry when he was pining for her just months ago.
    • Even though Rebecca's uncle and cousin have been fired from the factory they worked at, there are improvements being made to how employees are treated there. Tikkum Olam (Repair the world).

     Kit (1934) 
  • In the film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, when Kit, Ruthie and Stirling find the money and valuables stolen by Mr. Berk, Miss Bond and Frederich, the children hide from them in the camp of hobos they befriended earlier. Mr. Berk first lies about looking for his lost children, but even when he offers one hundred dollars in exchange for the kids, they refuse. Even while penniless and ostracized by society, the hobos were exactly who Kit said they were: Good, decent people.
  • At first, Mrs. Kitteridge's idea of converting her home into a boarding house, was just to shock her Scrooge-like Uncle. But she decides it's a good idea and the business works very well, especially with her using her posh homemaking skills to create a lovely atmosphere. Silk Hiding Steel indeed.
  • Stirling invoking Beware the Quiet Ones on an obnoxious classmate, who's picking on Kit for her father paying off all his employees with his own money and for being unemployed along with the fact that Stirling's father left, by attaching some homemade turkey feathers to his rear and getting the others to tease him.

     Molly (1944) 
  • On the whole, how the McIntires get through about 3 years without the father, whether it's working and taking on the role of disciplinarian along with becoming less shyer (Mrs. McIntire), learning to create their own Christmas surprises, developing a sense of strength or Growing the Beard, or even taking upon jobs that Dr. McIntire usually did when he was home.
  • In Molly Takes Fight, her Aunt Eleanor takes Molly to fly on the WASP plane, the niece is soon awed.
  • Meet Molly had Molly and her friends plan a revenge prank on Ricky, though mean-spirited, Ricky soon admits it was a pretty good plan and it was better to be his little sister's ally rather than enemy.
    • Molly's mother's speech about why she won't abide mean and petty tricks in her household, about how it leads to war and creates more problems than it solves. There may be a war she can't stop, but Mrs. McIntire is making it known she is in control of her and the kids' sitch.
  • Molly Learns A Lesson: the 3rd grade girls winning the Lend-A-Hand contest and sending out 100 bottle caps to the Boy Scouts' scrap metal drive and a knitted blanket to an English hospital.
  • Molly and the Movie Star has Molly lose some important War Bond money in a sock, just before Molly is presented to this movie star entertaining on behalf of the War Effort, Mrs. Gilford comes riding in an army jeep holding the sock a boss.
  • Molly's Surprise: just the fact that Dr. McIntire showed up on the radio to wish a Merry Christmas to his family is a CMOA alone.
  • Molly Saves the Day features a few moments:
    • Susan's poor rowing skills spare her and Molly from being captured in the camp Color War; these are later used when they need a distraction for Molly to save the rest of their teammates.
    • Molly swimming to get to the Prisoner's camp...UNDERWATER...the same Molly who nearly drowned when they started camp. She also kept a tin can of worms in her blouse, used the worms to freak out her friend/Color War opponent and free most of her team (excluding the Know-Nothing Know-It-All leader kept in a different location).
    • Molly helps her team come up with a plan to win the Color War, after being inspired by newsreels of D-Day, they build a chain of their canoes to get to a very discreet and narrow location. When they make it, they find most of the area is covered by poison ivy, Molly encourages them all through and they win the Color War.
    • The end has Molly's letter to her Dad: It contains a picture of her and the girls carrying the flag (Molly at the lead) in the Fourth of July parade. She pulled off the look of triumph despite being covered by a rash and calamine lotion.
  • Molly doing a complicated tap dance routine without her glasses in "Changes for Molly", she deserves to be Miss Victory, curls or not.
  • Emily playing "America the Beautiful" on flutophone with Molly on the tambourine, Linda with the triangle, and Susan with the cymbals to hide Emily's mistakes; Emily takes the moment from the applause she's receiving to ask the audience to make canned food donations to the Red Cross in her usual polite and stereotypically English Rose manner.
  • After several books and a few years (in-universe): Dr. McIntire comes back from the war.

     Maryellen (1954) 
  • Maryellen sticking up for Angela (who's shunned for being Italian) and mending her friendship with some of the other girls.
  • Maryellen also gets one for her idea for a show to spread awareness of the new polio vaccine, this show manages to convince a few parents to contribute to March of Dimes and get their kids vaccinated.
  • Mrs. Larkin's reason for turning down a leading role in aircraft carrier construction back in the 1940s? Because her fellow Rosies were being fired after the war and she won't stick around to work for very narrow-minded bosses who'd fire capable women just because of a Stay in the Kitchen attitude.
  • Maryellen managing to find her lost dog and help Joan (after she sprained her ankle) during an evening at Yellowstone Park, with some wilderness skills she picked up from viewings of Davy Crockett.
  • Maryellen walking off and starting her own science group with her friends, after she was insulted by the tyrant, 6th grade head of the group for being a girl and contributing ideas for their own rocket. Her boy friend Davy joins, after telling off the leader that they don't need a "stuck up sixth grader" bossing them around, along with their classmate Wayne. They end up winning a prize for creativity at the fair and end up on television.

     Julie (1974) 
  • Julie's efforts to win girls the chance to play on the all-boys' basketball team is pretty darn awesome, considering that she walked all over San Francisco to get petition signatures and also pieced the petition back together when the blowhard coach threw it in the trash.
  • Similarly, Julie's campaign for student body president is awesome in several ways:
    • She's gutsy enough to go up against the most popular guy in school, whose ideas such as Pizza Fridays are sure to win him tons of votes.
    • She's the first fifth-grader to run for the position.
    • She chooses her friend Joy as a VP even though many classmates make fun of Joy, doubting she can do the job because she is deaf.
  • Julie's friend Joy Jenner gets her own Crowning Moment of Awesome in Changes for Julie. During the book, a clique called The Water Fountain Girls makes fun of Joy, imitating her voice and mocking sign language. The class' Stern Teacher Ms. Duncan wants to give the girls detention, but Julie points out they will retaliate against Joy if they are forced to write sentences, which is the traditional detention task. Instead, Joy and Julie get the teacher's permission to give the girls sign language lessons in an effort to promote understanding of Joy and her disability. It works out so well that the girls sincerely apologize to Joy and request more "detention."