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The Admiral and Samantha's Grandmary were in love even when when she was married to Samantha's grandfather.

Her husband died many years ago but she keeps refusing the Admiral's marriage proposals. Why? Is she just being loyal to her late husband? Or is it out of guilt? Plus, Grandmary seems like the type of person to marry a man for reasons other than love. It's very possible that she agreed to marry Mr. Edwards because it was the respectable thing to do and fell madly in love when she met his best friend. I can't see Grandmary ever having an affair but quietly pining for years, yes!

Uncle Gard and Cornelia are time travelers
That's why they are somewhat more forward thinking than other characters, and why Cornelia is so certain that airplanes will one day carry passengers. Uncle Gard was somehow able to travel from his own time in the early 1900s to an era a few decades in the future, fell in love with Cornelia there, and brought her and her sisters back to live with him.

All of the historical characters exist in the same universe.
In addition, several of the characters are related/have met one another, due to the overlapping eras.
  • Because this troper gives way too much thought to silly things, here's an approximate list (Feel free to correct any mathematical mistakes)
    • Everyone starts as 9 during their stories
      • Kaya's starts in 1764
      • Kaya would be 19 during Felicity's stories
      • Felicity would be 47 during Caroline's Stories (Kaya would be 57)
      • Caroline would be 21 in Josefina's stories (Kaya 69, Felicity 59)
      • Josefina would be 38 during Cecile Rey and Marie-Grace's time (Caroline 50, Felicity 88)
      • Cecile Rey and Marie Grace would be the grand old age of 10 during Kirsten's
      • Kirsten would be 19 during Addy's time
      • Addy would be 49 in Samantha's time (Josefina 49, Caroline 61)
      • Samantha Would be 19 in Rebecca's story
      • Rebecca would be 29 during Kit's Story (Samantha 39, Kirsten 89, and Cecile and Marie-Grace 90)
      • Kit would be 19 during Molly's
      • Molly would be 20 during Maryellen's
      • Maryellen would be 19 during Melody
      • Melody would be 20 during Julie's
    • Of course it should be noted that Kaya, being located on the west coast probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet any of the others seeing as western expansion for the colonies didn't get that far until Kirsten's time. Josefina would have been closest in the Mexican settlements but Kaya would be ancient by then if not gone.
    • Of them all Samantha and Rebecca would be the most likely to cross paths, considering the small time gap and being in the same area.
    • Samantha could become involved in social work and therefore have a reason to be in Rebecca's part of the city.
      • Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a story where they all met?
    • Maybe Cecile Rey and Harriet Davis (Alpha Bitch from Addy's school) are cousins.

Julie Albright is the mother of Kailey Hopkins.
Both live in California. Their resemblance is uncanny. If Kailey Hopkins was 10 years old around 2002-2003, and Julie Albright turned 10 in 1976, Julie would be around the right age to be Kailey's mother.

Kit will become a foreign correspondent/spy during WWII
Come on, the fanfics write themselves!
  • And she shared an adventure with Molly's father!

Both Kit and Molly went to movies starring the brilliant actress, Rebecca Rubin.
Taking a clue from the above WMG which assumes the stories are all in the same universe. Since Rebecca, Kit and Molly have the most overlap in time periods, it's not so much of a stretch that Rebecca's acting career encompasses the two later periods.

Josefina is related to Inigo Montoya.
Why not? One of Inigo's descendants could have settled in Mexico.

Felicity's Grandfather left his entire estate to her.
It doesn't seem like Grandfather had any other children besides Martha, and this seems further confirmed by the fact that Edward, the son-in-law had to help secure the estate after Grandfather died. Changes for Felicity seems to indicate that Edward was gone for quite awhile to get matters in order. But if Martha was Grandfather's sole beneficiary, then why would Edward need to stay away so long to settle matters?

Maybe, unbeknownst to Felicity at least, she was named the primary beneficiary in Grandfather's will and thus his lands and estates would go to her. Maybe the lengthy business that Edward had to attend to at the estate was actually to make sure the estate stayed secure for his daughter? After all Felicity was merely 11-12 years old by the end of Changes and by law was seen as an unmarried girl, so someone of her station would not have seen fitting of inheriting such an estate. So by default this would make Edward the temporary beneficiary and Edward would undoubtedly do everything he could in order to ensure Felicity got what was rightfully hers.

So due to her strong bond with Grandfather, and the love she feels for his estate, Felicity may have been named as the inheritor of the estate. Edward and Martha may be withholding this news for Felicity until she comes of age...or maybe until the Revolutionary War begins to die down, which wouldn't be for another seven years or so.

Addy's brother reads abolitionist tracts written by the prominent abolitionist Felicity Merriman
Since they all seem to be in the same universe.

Kit's neighbor Mrs. Larson is related to Kirsten's family.
Same last name, and Ohio and Minnesota are pretty close together...

One of the girls watching Maryellen in the display window is Maryellen from a parallel universe.
And she, portrayed by Harlie Galloway in the 2015 short film, is the real Maryellen Larkin.
  • In addition, Dolly Parton in the TV movie Coat of Many Colors may also be another parallel-universe rendition - both that film and Extraordinary Christmas is set in 1955.