Heartwarming: American Girls Collection

  • In Addy's Surprise, her father is so proud that his daughter can read that he starts crying.
    • In Addy Saves the Day, many, MANY readers burst into Tears of Joy when Addy's beloved older brother Sam turns up in the crowd at the fair—missing an arm, but alive.
  • In Changes for Molly, the entire reunion scene between Molly and her dad at the very end of the book.
  • Changes for Samantha ends with Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia deciding to adopt Nellie and her sisters.
  • In Felicity's Surprise, Felicity's mother is very ill after having a baby and unable to finish the blue ball gown Felicity wants so badly. What's sweet is that Felicity's best friend Elizabeth and Elizabeth's mother help to finish the dress. What is utterly heartwarming is that snobby, disdainful Annabelle also helped to finish it.
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