Heartwarming: American Girls Collection

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     Kaya (1764) 

     Felicity (1774) 
  • Meet Felicity
    • After her 1st attempt to free Penny was botched, Mr. Merriman comforts her after she asks if it was all for nothing.
      "No, Felicity, my dear," said Father. "It is never wrong to try to earn something you love. Indeed, 'tis only wrong not to try. You hoped for something and you put hard work behind your hope. I can only be proud of a daughter who can do that."
    • Ben and Felicity becoming friends and the conversation they share after freeing Penny
      "Aye," said Felicity. "But I hope she doesn't feel I've abandoned her. That would break my heart. She knows I love her, doesn't she Ben?"
  • Felicity Learns a Lesson has Felicity wrestling with continuing the tea portion of her lessons, her Father joining the boycott, and with Elizabeth being too afraid to stand up to the disdainful Loyalist Annabelle. Felicity worries it'd be rude to turn down the tea out of loyalty to her father and Mrs. Merriman dispenses some wisdom and loving approval by using sewing and embroidery as a metaphor.
    "Now that is a difficult knot to untangle," said Mrs. Merriman. "You must be well-mannered but follow your heart. You must be polite but do what you think is right." She lowered Felicity's head onto the pillow gently. "Rest now and think about it. I trust you will find a way. You have become quite a gracious young lady these past few weeks." She kissed Felicity's forehead and left quietly.
  • In Felicity's Surprise, Felicity's mother is very ill after having a baby (In the film) and unable to finish the blue ball gown Felicity wants so badly. What's sweet is that Felicity's best friend Elizabeth and Elizabeth's mother help to finish the dress. What is utterly heartwarming is that snobby, disdainful Annabelle also helped to finish it.
    • Ben, despite his outspoken Patriot beliefs, agrees to accompany Felicity to the ball at the last minute when Mr. Merriman stays behind to watch Mrs. Merriman and the children; even sweeter is the older man loudly praising him for the deed, in a way a father would for his son.
    • Felicity's Mother noting how proud she is of Felicity for taking care of the household duties and watching her younger brother and sister while she was ill.
  • Felicity's Birthday has Grandfather gifting Felicity with her late Grandmother's guitar. He notes she inherited her gift for music and Felicity tells him she will play it for him as soon as she's older and more trained in guitar playing; even the accompanying illustration captured the moment.
    • After the ribbon with the guitar was damaged, Grandfather gifts her with a new one and even brings a bouquet of flowers with the stubborn weed they were trying to dig out of the garden, he compares the blooming and pink floral weed to Felicity, noting that it has her spirit.
  • Felicity and Grandfather's relationship on the whole.
  • Changes For Felicity has a few in spades:
    • After Elizabeth's father was jailed for being a Loyalist, Felicity gifts her the sampler one of them sewn the spring before reading "Faithful Friends. Forever Be" and later when Felicity (since Mrs. Cole is wary of her mostly Patriot neighbors and keeps her daughters from interacting) passes their house, Elizabeth posts the sampler on her window for her to see. Best Friends Forever.
    • Elizabeth gets the idea to gift the jailed and feverish Jiggy Nye some medicine and a blanket.
    • Grandfather goes to get Mr. Cole freed, then he visits the jail to see him and then meet with Jiggy Nye and give him money for Penny; this pays off Nye's debt and the man is back to the horse expert he used to be.
    • Mother's conversation with Felicity after Grandfather died: about how while it'd be tempting to have things stay the same (she just being a child with her parents at the plantation), that'd mean her life wouldn't have progressed with a husband, children, and those children growing up. She also noted how Felicity has grown from being flighty to being more calmer and thoughtful.
    • Ben tells Felicity about how he respects her grandfather and later notes she helped him before (last summer) and hopes to do the same for her. She simply tells him he's a good friend.
    • Jiggy Nye helping to birth Penny; he has Took a Level in Kindness; then Felicity, Ben, and Mrs. Merriman naming the colt "Patriot"
    • Felicity lends Mr. Merriman Penny to ride for when he collects supplies for the Patriots' army.
      "Lissie," said Father, "I know you love Penny very much. Wouldn't it be hard for you to be separated from her?"
      "Aye," said Felicity softly. "But I will be happy knowing that you and Penny are together, looking after each other. I will trust each of you to bring the other back to me safely."
    • Felicity and Elizabeth reuniting.

     Caroline (1812) 

     Josefina (1824) 
  • The many interactions between the Montoyas and with their own friends can count: they just go beyond civility and often are like one big extended family with Josefina musing over how she grew up with their friends and how they helped her walk.
  • Tia Dolores coming over to help the girls learn home-making skills and move forward in their lives; the general mood has been uplifted in the rancho, one that has been down in the dumps since Josefina's mother's death.
  • Senor Montoya showing the girls how he used to sign his name (which was a bid to impress their mother when they were courting), sweet to see he wasn't always the quiet and glum man that withdrew further into himself when his wife died.
  • Josefina's Surprise has plenty:
    • After the traditional altar cloth (which Josefina's Mother had embroidered) was found damaged after the storm in the previous book wreaked part of the Church roof, Tia Dolores and girls start to fix it and start to use objects that remind them of their mother (lavender sprigs, swallow feathers, and yellow primrose) to make the cloth like new; they even start to reminisce about their Mother together.
    • The beaming of pride felt by Senor Montoya and Tia Dolores when Josefina declares playing Maria in the Las Posadas procession (when the girl playing Maria gets sick at the last minute).
    • The whole village joyously celebrating Christmas after a year of mourning Senora Montoya and dealing with the flood.
  • Happy Birthday Josefina! has Senor Montoya gifting Josefina a rattle from a rattlesnake he killed as a child (after it bit him), noting how proud he was then and he's giving it to her because she's his source of pride. D'awwwww.
    • Josefina taking care of Sombrita, the orphaned baby goat whose mother was the late and terrible Florecita.
  • Josefina Saves the Day has a few:
    • Josefina's friendship with Patrick O'Toole, the two are very close to one another and he even helps try to revive Senor Montoya's interest in the violin (he gave his away and stopped playing after Senora Montoya died) with the two men singing and playing a mixture of an old Spanish song and "Home Sweet Home".
    • Francisca accompanying Josefina on their late-night mission to retrieve the objects they've traded their blankets for, gratifying given how Francisca usually is.
    • After Francisca and Josefina have been sent to their guest room by their Grandmother for sneaking out, it was known the older woman wasn't too angry when she hugged them and Clara spent the day with them knitting and horsing around with them.
    • Papa playing the violin at the end and Tia Dolores is soon humming the song.
  • Ahem Changes For Josefina
    • Josefina indulging and comforting her nephews. What a Cool Aunt.
    • The girls love for Tia Dolores and how they try to keep her on the rancho.
    • Tia Magdalena listening to Josefina confide in her and giving her the heart milagro for her comfort.
    • Josefina and Papa's heart to heart.
    • Papa proposing to Tia Dolores.
    • The end where Papa and Tia Dolores get married with all their friends, family, and neighbors close by, under the New Mexican turquoise sky.

     Cecile and Marie-Grace (1853) 

     Kirsten (1854) 
  • Kirsten's friendship with Marta is one of the few bright spots in Meet Kirsten and is very acute given the death of Kirsten's dear friend.
  • The Larson family being welcomed by their American relatives with the nieces taking to Kirsten rather quickly.
  • Kirsten being welcomed into Singing Bird's tribe with open arms; they even invited her to move with their tribe for food.
  • Kirsten's Surprise
    • Mama and Kirsten remembering how Kirsten's grandmother (Mormor) knitted the sweaters in their trunks and how Mormor and a neighbor Mrs. Hanson came over to help the Larsons load up their belongings before they sail off for America.
    • Papa praising Kirsten for her bravery with a phrase he uses for Mama's courage: "You have heart".
    • The Larsons unpacking their trunks and musing over the sweaters and how Kirsten missed her beloved doll Sari
    • "Saint Lucia invites you to breakfast!"
  • Happy Birthday Kirsten!
    • Mama musing with Kirsten about the day she was born, this is enough to make Kirsten stop worrying about her Mother forgetting her birthday.
    • The birth of Britta with Papa noting they may have one more mouth to feed, but they're all healthy and alive "thank the Lord".
    • Kirsten taking care of a weak, small newborn kitten and helping it grow stronger.
    • Kirsten's birthday celebration: she receives ribbons, cake, strawberries with cream, the quilt that she thought all her and her friends intended for their teacher was given to her, and a pinafore from Mama, who somehow found time to make it (she was pregnant and nursing her newborn).
    • Kirsten and Papa dancing at the barn raising party.
  • Kirsten Saves the Day
    • Kirsten and Peters' interactions and his affection for their puppy Caro.
    • Kirsten's parents noting how proud they are of her finding the bee tree and the illustration for when she picks out her first straw hat is just sweet.
  • Changes for Kirsten ends with the Larson family ending the series with a new frame house, after struggling on the frontier for almost 2 years and having their house burn down, it gets sweeter when they greet Papa home from the Oregon logging camp.

     Addy (1864) 
  • Meet Addy had Momma give Addy a cowrie shell that belonged to her great-grandmother Aduke, who was captured and enslaved, and one of Sam's shoelaces to fashion a necklace; this shell was meant to instill a sense of strength and she reveals Addy was named for the woman.
    • Just the bit where Addy and Momma are wearing new clothes made of pretty calico is heartwarming, with Momma being so proud of seeing her daughter in something so fine.
    • Addy's relationship with Sam and Baby Esther, which makes it all sadder when they're all separated.
  • Addy Learns A Lesson has Addy and Momma being greeted by the Church, Mrs. Moore, and Sarah; they have nothing to fear in Philadelphia
    • Addy helping Momma learn to read and count, by forming letters out of dough while cooking and baking to spell their relative's names and words like "Family" and "Love"
      "F-A-M-I-L-Y. Family. That's us"
    • Momma making Addy a fancy 3 piece outfit for the spelling bee, one that looks like something the wealthier girls wear, and praising her daughter.
    • Addy making up with Sarah and vowing to practice her spelling with her. By spelling "Love" with the cookies Momma baked.
  • In Addy's Surprise, her father is so proud that his daughter can read that he starts crying.
    • The whole reunion of Poppa with Addy and Momma at the church.
    • The usually crotchety Mrs. Ford re-fashions a rejected dress for Addy to wear and, upon finding out that the garret where the women live is cold and has no lamp, left a lit lamp she bought for them with a note wishing them a Merry Christmas.
    • Addy and Momma donating their own funds (for a lamp and a gift for Momma) to help freed men, women, and children arriving in Philadelphia.
  • Addy's reunion with Sam, where she hears him remark about a riddle she was using for a spool puppet show, she then gifts him with another riddle where the answer was "love", as in love between family.
    • Addy comforting Harriet after the girl's boasted about uncle was revealed to have died in the war.
  • In Addy Saves the Day, many, MANY readers burst into Tears of Joy when Addy's beloved older brother Sam turns up in the crowd at the fair—missing an arm, but alive.
  • Auntie Lula and Esthers' return to Addy's family in Changes For Addy, little Esther was even holding the doll Addy gave her when they last saw each other.
    • Addy visiting a sick old man in the charity ward of the hospital while looking for Esther and Lula, even the stern nurse relents.
    • Esther has remembered Addy's name
  • In Happy Birthday, Addy!, the war finally, finally ends. So Addy chooses that day to be her birthday, her mother not having known the exact date.
  • The ending of the first book, where Momma and Addy are on their way to Philadelphia, where they'll be free. Think of everything Addy and her mother have been through in this book, and in the years before the story takes place — enslaved, abused by their masters, being forced to watch Addy's father and brother be sold right in front of them, forced to make a run for it, having to leave Addy's sister behind, being under constant threat of being caught during their escape, running into dangers such as a treacherous river in which they almost drown, and Addy having to walk right through a Confederate solider camp and lie to their faces, before they finally reach a safe place to rest and are able to go to Philadelphia. Just... they did it.

     Samantha (1904) 
  • Meet Samantha
    • Samantha befriending Nellie and helping her with laundry and sharing her gingerbread cookies with her.
    • Samantha's relationship with Uncle Gard, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, and Jessie are especially sweet, even more so with given how Samantha imagines the latter and the former to lead very glamorous lives.
    • The reason Jessie left so suddenly? She has a baby boy named Nathaniel, also so sweet given how worried Samantha and Nellie were of her.
    • Samantha giving Nellie her beloved doll Lydia, named for her mother, and a basket of food when the girl is sent off to the New York tenements to likely work in a factory and get sicker while her family struggles.
    • Grandmary and Uncle Gard noting how Samantha has a good sense of value, given her generous nature with Grandmary opening her arms to give her granddaughter a warm hug.
  • Samantha Learns A Lesson
    • Grandmary has talked to one of her neighbors about hiring Nellie and her parents, so the girls could get their schooling and have a stable roof over their heads and good, clean jobs.
    • Samantha walking the O'Malley sisters to school and she even vowing to help Nellie catch up with her studies; even their celebratory cookie meal at the end was sweet.
  • Samantha's Surprise
    • Samantha's care into the handmade gifts (and one bought at the last minute) for her friends and family: a book for Jessie's baby boy, sachets for Grandmary, a jewelry box once made for Gard that later went to Cornelia, and chain for Mrs. Hawkins, to name a few.
    • Aunt Cornelia being welcomed and ingratiating herself into the family: she's a fun grown up girl to Samantha, she shares Uncle Gard's good nature, gracious even when disagreeing with Grandmary, and is praised as excellent in the kitchen by Mrs. Hawkins.
    • Uncle Gard proposing marriage to Cornelia on Christmas morning, surrounded by his happy mother and niece, even the part where he and Cornelia sigh "June" as their wedding date was cute.
  • Samantha Saves the Wedding has Samantha gifting Cornelia her late mother's (and Cornelia's late sister-in-law's) wedding veil as a replacement for her own veil being damaged. Cornelia notes she's honored to wear it.
  • Happy Birthday Samantha!
    • Grandmary gifting Samantha with her late mother's rose circlet and noting how she's as pretty as her mother was at that age.
    • Agnes and Agatha inviting Samantha over to visit New York in a bid to overcome the catastrophe that is overly salted ice cream (courtesy of Eddie Ryland).
    • Grandmary noting that she stayed and listened to Cornelia's speech about how women need to vote and noting that it changed her mind on women in politics.
  • Changes for Samantha ends with Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia deciding to adopt Nellie and her sisters.
    • The film has the mute Jenny so happy, that she actually speaks for the first time.

     Rebecca (1914) 
  • Rebecca and Ana has a few:
    • Rebecca lends Ana her beloved nesting doll for good luck at a school recital
    • Ana's family is reunited with her older brother, who was kept at Ellis Island for a leg infection.
  • Candlelight for Rebecca
    • Bubbie comforting Rebecca after the girl was revealed to work on a Christmas related school project (Rebecca's family frown upon Jews taking to Christmas as a mark of selling out) of a centerpiece, telling her that she'll never be mad at her grandchildren for doing their school work well.
    • Rebecca and Mr. Rossis' gifts to one another: from her, the aforementioned centerpiece and from him, his late wife's candlesticks, thinking that the young girl will want to light them for Hannukkah.
    • Mr. Rossi's reason for keeping pigeons: he and his brother used to keep them when they grew up in Italy and they use them for mailing letters.
  • Being that it's a birthday book, Rebecca and the Movies features a few:
    • Her surprise birthday party, after she was dreading that her birthday would be forgotten due to it falling on Passover, with homemade egg creams and a birthday cake made from matzo flour and a lot of eggs (because her Mom said it's not everyday your kid turns 10); Max also gives her a pretty hat to wear and the twins give her a ticket good for watching a movie with them and having egg creams afterwords.
    • Max and Rebeccas' relationship, often like a loving big brother and his little sister in the manner of Addy and Sam.
    • Lily Armstrong sharing her lunch with Max after she finds he doesn't have access to Kosher/Passover friendly food.
  • Changes for Rebecca has Max married to Lily, after pining for her months ago, Max Shepard got the girl he loved.
    • Lily comforting Rebecca after being injured at the strike, letting the girl know that she followed her heart to help improve the world.
  • The end of A Growing Suspicion where Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka (who lost their son when immigrating from Japan) informally adopt the orphaned and homeless Nathaniel Gibney.

     Molly (1944) 
  • Meet Molly
    • Mrs. McIntire fixing up the mashed turnips Molly is refusing to eat with a bit of rations (sugar and butter) and cinnamon. She then talks to her about how she once snuck some sardines on toast to her dog as a child only to be caught, and tells her that the war has changed things (rationing and Dr. McIntire being away) but they're still a family.
    • Molly and Ricky reconciling and him admitting that his sister was really good at pulling pranks and that he'd rather be her ally than enemy.
  • Molly encouraging her classmate (who is bereft at her lack of knitting talent) and saying that the square she managed to make, is better for a blanket.
  • Molly's Surprise
    • The fact that Dr. McIntire was able to, with the help of Jill and Molly, ensure his family will get the surprise they crave for Christmas.
    • Jill and Molly chatting over the plan to keep the box (delivered from their father) hidden for Christmas (instructions) and over how they miss their father.
    • The family opening their gifts from Dr. McIntire and receiving: a Nurse doll for Molly, soft gloves for Mrs. McIntire, a ski hat for Jill, a pilot's silk scarf for Ricky, and the canteen and helmet little Brad always craved; and to top it all off, Dr. McIntire is interviewed for an overseas Christmas program and wishes his family a Merry Christmas.
  • Happy Birthday Molly!
    • Mrs. McIntire welcoming Emily to her home.
    • Emily and Molly bonding as sisters.
    • Little Brad knowing straight up that Emily needs to be assured that the air raid drill they're participating in is just for practice. It's further touched on in Brave Emily with Brad being friendly with her.
    • Emily and Molly receiving dogs as gifts (named "Yank" for Emily's and "Bennett" for Molly's), with Emily tearfully recollecting how her dog was killed in a bombing, and then Emily notes that while she dealt with the war being in her face, she was only separated from her parents for a shorter period while Molly hadn't seen her Dad in a year or so.
  • Molly Saves the Day! has Linda take ice cream to Molly and Susan, after their color war team was exposed to Poison Ivy, and noting that they did great out there in the war and stopped being mad when she realized that they saw how serious she was taking the game.
  • In Changes for Molly, the entire reunion scene between Molly and her dad at the very end of the book.
    • Jill and Ricky telling Molly how sorry they are that she's too sick to participate in the show and how her part was vital to the show.
    • Jill talking to Molly about how she may not look older but she has grown in ways that can't be measured in height or seen at first glance.

     Maryellen (1954) 
  • Mrs. Larkin figuring that Maryellen was feeling under-appreciated...and that the young girl felt her mother felt that way and wanted her to feel special.
  • Maryellen befriending Angela, over penmanship and learning Italian words.
  • Joan getting "pinned", engaged, and later married to her boyfriend Jerry.
    • Also him being happy over marrying a girl with "brains and beauty" and playing their song "Sincerely" before the Larkins have one last summer road trip.
  • The Larkins getting together for Christmas with Mrs. Larkin's parents
  • Mr. Larkin's reason for the family to go on a road trip? For some family bonding before Joan gets married.
  • Maryellen and Joan confiding in one another while looking for their dog, with Joan stating that she wants to marry Jerry but is afraid it'd get in the way of becoming a teacher and traveling the world, little sis tells her she can do both.
  • Joan telling off a man who commented on how odd it is, that a fat dog like Scooter, can run off so fast; and she gets annoyed by the dog!
  • Maryellen's girlfriends joining the science group started by Maryellen, Davy, and Wayne, despite not having an interest in rockets.

     Julie (1974)