Awesome / Anansi Boys

  • Maeve Livingstone gets one after she dies. Who else can say that they kicked a God in the face?
  • Fat Charlie gets one, when, in a scenario right of any trickster tale on earth, he tricks the Dragon into running away after it takes lie a little too literally.
  • Later he proceeds to utterly destroy Tiger's credibilty forever with a parody.
  • Charlie gets one even before that, when he meets Dragon and renames himself. Particularly since you mightn't notice the change for a while.
    "I'm Charlie Nancy," said Charlie Nancy.
  • The clay spider that Spider made gets a crowning moment of awesome when it shows up with an army of spiders to attack Tiger.
  • When threatened at gunpoint by Graham Coats in the Dolphin Hotel's restaurant, Fat Charlie takes him and Daisy out of danger by singing on stage and later proposing marriage to her.
  • Rosie's mother, when held prisoner, distracts her captor by mooning him, which allows her daughter to disarm him with a big chain. The mother then proceeds to spin and kick him in the groin.