Animation / RPG Metanoia

RPG Metanoia is a computer-animated film released in 2010, the first to come out from the Philippines.

Nico is an avid player of the incredibly popular MMORPG Metanoia, where he plays as the wandering vagabond Zero. Unfortunately, that's the only thing he does well, but he doesn't let that stop him from enjoying the game with his friends; that is, until he's forced to realize just how much he's missing out on life in the real world. Worse yet, a malignant virus begins to spread around Metanoia, and Nico may be the only one capable of stopping it...

Roughly four to five years in the making, the film was surprisingly good, and showed at the 2010 Manila film festival. Any Pinoy fan of animation should definitely give it a watch.

Not to be confused with the webcomic, Metanoia.

RPG Metanoia provides examples of:

  • Cyberspace - Although it doesn't take up majority of the screentime anyway.
  • Escapism: One of the main themes of the movie. Nico isn't physically active in his real life and plays video games because it's the only thing he's good at. Cel isn't socially active either.
  • Instant Knots - Zero seems to be able to knot his yo-yo around pretty much anything.
  • Instant Runes - Oh, plenty, mostly when magic attacks are shot out or blocked.
  • Just a Kid - Averted, but you can't help but wonder just how old all the other players in Metanoia are compared to Nico and the gang.
  • Lotus-Eater Machine: Metanoia itself. It was originally a subliminal reality program designed to help astronauts cope up with the loneliness of space travel but it didn't go well. It was then repurposed into a game engine to not let the budget go to waste.
  • My Hero Zero: Nico's avatar. It's a very generic name but it can also mean how he usually feels inferior.
  • Only Six Faces - Subverted; every player in Metanoia seems to have a unique look.
  • Part-Time Hero - Well, it is still a game, as opposed to their real-life selves.
  • Shout-Out
    • Aside from the Helm of Destiny being based on the Moriones, it has powers similar to the Helm of Domination.
    • Sargo resembles some depictions of Casey Jones.
    • One of the Korean avatars is using a bow (though he used a BFS in most of his appearances in the movie). Jumong is quite popular in the Philippines. That scene in the Korean server is an Homage to Korean Drama in general.
  • Right Behind Me: Nico said some things about May while she was about to give them invitations.
  • Shown Their Work - There's a lot of Filipino details scattered around the film.
  • Variant Chess - Metanoia has a really odd version of Sudoku...