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And The Fandom Rejoiced: Super Smash Bros.

All unlockables are not spoiler-tagged.

Just like the image in the main Video Games article, only Up to Eleven.

"What Mr. Sakurai suggested then was a specific idea to make Smash Brothers for both Nintendo 3DS and WiiU."
Satoru Iwata, E3 announcement

Let's face it, there's a reason this series is so popular: Super Smash Bros.'s nature as a Massive Multiplayer Crossover featuring many different Nintendo characters is just about every fan's wet dream. Then, sometimes, the hype goes through the roof even more.
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl 
  • Any new character that was confirmed to be playable, especially Snake and especially, especially, Sonic. R.O.B. was the only exception, as he was a Replacement Scrappy to many fans' dream additions. He didn't stay hated for long, though.
  • "Cool, new Smash Brothers game. Wait, what's this, a new Metal Gear? What, they're discussing the game? An invitation? YEAH!"
    • And a few months later, after enduring years of waiting and April Fools Jokes about his appearance in Melee, Sonic the Hedgehog joins the fray complete with Crush 40's Live and Learn blaring in the background, allowing players to pit Sega's iconic mascot against his long time rival. There's a reason why that screenshot from Brawl is on the main video game page.
  • A more subdued moment happened when it was revealed that the character-specific battle introductions from the original Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros. came back for Brawl.
  • Brawl's Stage Builder.
  • Shortly before the game's release, the full soundtrack was leaked. The internet practically squealed like 5 year old girls upon learning about (and hearing) the remixes of King Dedede's theme, King K. Rool's theme, Pokemon Red's Route 1 song, and the final boss theme from Golden Sun, among other songs that can be seen in the Awesome Music page.

     Super Smash Bros.
Actually, make that up to twelve.

  • For the fourth installment, it all started when they stated that development for Smash Bros 4 would begin after Sakurai's then-current project was finished. Now that Kid Icarus: Uprising has finished production...
  • New Smash Bros?! ON THE WII U AND 3DS?! Our bodies were not ready.
  • And then Namco Bandai was announced to be part of the development team of the games. Considering Namco's track record with Fighting Games in the past, this was seen as a very good thing by most fans. Not to mention the fact that this opens up more possibilities for 3rd party characters.
  • Get your brown pants (of excitement this time), because the trailer has dropped!
  • There's a new game mode for the 3DS version called Smash Run, where players travel a giant stage to power up their characters before duking it out, just like the City Trial in Kirby Air Ride. What's more, instead of mostly using original characters like the Subspace Emissary, existing characters from many of Nintendo's franchises appear as enemies, including enemies from Mega Man (the Mettaur) and Namco (the Pookas).
    • Every character's special move has three variations, or in the case of Palutena and the Miis, three different moves altogether.
    • Players can use parts to customize their fighter's attack power, defense power, and agility, sometimes with additional effects.
    • Oh, and these features are only allowed in battles with friends, so you don't have to worry about Game Breaking combinations showing up online.
  • For records in the solo modes, the game uses a ranking system called "Global Smash Power". Instead of ranking people the traditional way (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), it ranks people based on how many people they outscore (100,000 would mean you outscore at least 100,000 people).
  • When the Nintendo 3DS version was announced to come out in Summer 2014 instead of Winter like the Wii U version, some fans were worried that the 3DS version was being Summer Rushed. Then it was announced that the 3DS version would be delayed to October for North America, Europe, and Australia, while Japan gets it in mid-September. Not only does it show that the developers are taking more time to polish it, it also shortens the release gap between it and the Wii U version.
  • The announcement that a demo of Super Smash Bros. would be playable at certain Best Buy locations during E3 was met with an uproar of positive feedback. Not to mention that Nintendo would also be holding an Invitational Tournament involving some people that are big on the tournament scene.
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has GameCube Controller compatibility! A special GameCube Controller adapter makes this happen!
  • The main menu for the 3DS version is just as stylish as Brawl's, with the bottom screen being used to showcase artwork and whatnot. This is shaping up to be as great as anyone who's been waiting for a portable Smash has imagined.
  • Five words: Eight. Hour. Nintendo. Treehouse. Stream.
    • It has since been revealed that the Treehouse will feature other games for the first few hours, but it doesn't make the fact that both versions of this game are going to be front-and-center.
  • You know how Meta Knight had a different victory theme (which is still kept in SSB 4) than Kirby and Dedede in Brawl? Well in SSB 4, Bowser and Bowser Jr also have a rock remix of the Mario victory theme. Awesome considering it differentiates the villains from the Mario characters. Dark Pit has a different one from Pit and Palutena as well.
    • Rosalina and Luma have a different one as well, which is pretty nice to make her a bit unique in that way.

  • For players who were burned by the previous games' lack of balance, especially Brawl, producer Sakurai has mentioned that he may involve the other members in his staff with balance.
  • One annoying tactic players could use in previous games was to hog the ledge so another player couldn't grab it. Now, anyone that attempts this will get the ledge taken from them by a recovering player.
  • Now you won't lose a match just because the opponent went off in a Twinkle In The Sky and died after the time limit! Instead, after a certain point in a timed match, Star KOs stop occurring!
  • Random tripping is gone!
  • Remember in the previous games where if you played a team battle, all of you had to either be red, green, or blue? Well in this game, you can choose to be any color you want regardless of what team you're on - the outlines/Player symbols will let you know what team you're on.

Single Player
  • Much like Kid Icarus: Uprising, the game uses a difficulty slider ranging from 0.0 to 9.0.
  • Classic Mode has some new features.
    • You can now choose between branching paths, with rewards like trophies visible on the map.
    • Clearing stages will net you a prize on a roulette wheel.
  • All-Star Mode is back with a few changes.
    • All-Star Mode is now based on the order of when the characters debuted! Unlike Brawl's All-Star mode, which grouped characters based on the debut of their entire series, this incarnation groups characters based on their individual debuts, meaning you can fight characters from different franchises at the same time.
    • All-Star mode will now be made available to play from the beginning, barring a few restrictions (only the characters you have unlocked will appear at first).

Online Multiplayer
  • Most of Brawl's online play often boils down to beating up Sandbag for many players, given the game's apparent inability to find opponents. Well, guess what, Sandbag beaters? Rejoice!
  • One of the problems that plagued Brawl's online multiplayer was Griefers doing anything they could to ruin everyone else's fun, like doing nothing, deliberately antagonizing just one person, self-destructing repeatedly, dropping in the middle of a match, and cheating. Now, anyone that tries to do that will be temporarily banned, with the bans becoming longer the more they do it. It also discourages people from baselessly reporting others by penalizing them.
  • Online multiplayer has two separate modes: "For Fun", which removes Final Destination from the map list and only tallies win count, and "For Glory", which adopts the "No Items, Final Destination" format, tracks wins and losses, and has a variety of Final Destination-like stages based on the standard stages for aesthetic variety. Both sides of the casual-hardcore spectrum were very happy.
  • There's a matchmaking system that groups players based on their skill levels.


  • Sakurai's statement that Brawl won't be the only game in the series with third-party guest characters. The first ones Sakurai stated to be interested in? "Capcom characters". Hell. Yeah.
  • Villager comes to town, and shows off a moveset that looks surprisingly fun. A real shocker, since they were previously considered unfit for Smash Bros.
  • The female trainer from Wii Fit was met with much surprise. The fandom was split between "loved her from the very beginning for being a weird pick and/or being another female fighter" and "have grown to love her".
  • Rosalina and Luma confirmed as newcomers! And Rosalina has her own puppet master playstyle rather than being a clone of Peach.
  • LITTLE MAC PUNCHES IN! And his Final Smash is Giga Mac!
    • Some people were wondering if Doc was going to make an appearance in the fourth game, seeing his prominence in the trailer. Well he appears in all of his victory poses!
  • GRENINJA MAKES A SPLASH! And check out the Visual Effects of Awesome on that Substitute doll!
  • Miis. Ever wanted to see yourself and/or celebrities fighting alongside or against all the other Nintendo characters. There ya go! You can also make your Mii cosplay!
  • Palutena CONFIRMED, with her "challenger approaching" trailer going against the norm of the other characters with a sequence animated by Studio Shaft.
    • Ever wanted to see Link animated by said studio?
    • There's a short cameo of Dark Pit at the very end, perhaps hinting at him being an alternate design + voice like the Male and Female Wii Fit trainers.
  • Pac-Man?! They invited Pac-Man? Sure, he might be one of the oldest characters in video game history, and the developer Namco's mascot, but what good can he bring to the series? They'll probably use his design from the animated show too. Wait, they're using his classic design? And his Final Smash is Super Pac-Man?! You know what this means? Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and Pac-Man are in the same game!
  • You wanted Lucina? How about Lucina and Robin? Oh, and we got trolled by Sakurai again, almost making us think that Chrom was sitting this one out. He isn't a character proper, as he just shows up for Robin's Final Smash, but it's still good to see he's getting some recognition.
    • There were a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening fans who wanted to play as Robin/Avatar/My Unit in Smash because the character both represents the player and is a unique Magic Knight, which is a huge departure from the other Fire Emblem characters in Smash all being sword users. Many of them thought that Robin never even had a chance of getting into the game because s/he was a customizable Player Character and wasn't popular enough. It turns out that all the people that were secretly rooting for Robin were the Silent Majority when Sakurai picked Robin over Chrom. You can even play as a female Robin too!
  • Shulk foresees a fight! And his reveal video shows off some alternative costumes too. Especially exciting considering that Xenoblade is an Ensemble Darkhorse title within the Nintendo lineup whose audience is a Periphery Demographic to most Nintendo franchises, as Sakurai himself noted.
  • The ESRB leak brought about a lot of excitement, but what increased the excitement was the fact that it ended up being real after all. The following characters were confirmed:
    • The Duck Hunt dog (and duck) is a part of the roster. The fans' longtime dream of beating up the very thing that mocked their failure and haunted their childhood is about to come true officially!
      • As for its moves, the dog's attacks include nods to the other two major NES Zapper Light Gun games, Wild Gunman and Hogan's Alley. The mocking laughter is also a usable taunt, excellent for infuriating other players if you choose to play as it.
      • Many fans noticed that the concept of a brown furred mammal with an avian on its back seemed familiar. Yep, Duck Hunt is an Expy of Banjo and Kazooie, characters no one expected to see any reference to in any Nintendo game after Microsoft purchased Rare. It's pretty heartwarming to see that Nintendo hasn't forgotten about the old Bear and Bird.
    • Remember how Dark Pit was teased at the end of the Palutena trailer? Sakurai delivered.
    • Bowser Jr. makes his debut in this game, and he's riding around in the Koopa Clown Car!

Costumes and Alts

Assist Trophies

Other Characters
  • Among the enemies fans noticed in Smash Run were the Kremlings, which took nearly everyone by surprise. Kremlings haven't been seen in the Donkey Kong franchise since Mario Super Sluggers (a Mario spinoff game from 2008), and if you want to take it even further in the mainline series, since Donkey Kong 64 (which was released in 1999). This led to increased hopes that a certain Kremling King would be playable. It's also surprising considering the post-Rare Country games didn't feature any instances of the Kremlings.
  • When Toon Link joins the battle in the Spirit Train stage, Alfonzo is the conductor instead.
  • Tom Nook and the Nooklings appear as part of Villager's Final Smash.
  • Beat shows up as one of Mega Man's custom Up Special moves.

New Stages
  • Gerudo Valley's confirmed as a stage in the new game (The 3DS version at least). Pretty awesome considering that only the theme existed in the previous game.
  • There's also a stage for Spirit Tracks too, at least if only for the Realm Overworld theme playing.
  • And let's not forget Arena Ferox!
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising stage confirmed!
  • Alongside Sonic's announcement, his Wii U home stage appears to be none other than Windy Hill Zone.
  • There's a Super Mario Galaxy stage!
  • There is a new Rainbow Road stage for the 3DS version, and it will apparently be a Rainbow Cruise-like stage!
  • The latest Pokemon Stage, confirmed for the 3DS version? Lumiose City!!!
  • As of July 31st 2014, N's Castle has been confirmed. This is great news because after the reveal of Greninja and 2 Kalos based stages, many fans were wondering if the 5th generation was going to be skipped.
  • What's this? We're off to Tortimer Island for some Smashing?
  • Tired of the same old Final Destination? Now, almost all of the stages have a Final Destination form!
  • Certain stages will feature bosses that players can fight in the middle of the battle. Whoever lands the final blow will be granted an advantage of some sort. The Yellow Devil on Mega Man's stage is one such example. Should we be cheering due to his reappearance or trembling in fear?
  • The Super Mario Galaxy stage is cool and all, but people might be wondering where is the classic Mushroom Kingdom iteration (Mushroom Kingdom in SSB, Kingdom in Melee, Mushroomy Kingdom in Brawl). Fear not, as the WiiU version gets yet another awesome exclusive stage: Mushroom Kingdom U, representing, you guessed it, New Super Mario Bros. U! Even better, Sakurai revealed this stage just in time for E3, where, you guessed it again, it will be playable!
    • One week later, with the Wii U version ahead by one stage (see Coliseum below), the 3DS version gets its own take on the NSMB series, namely a New Super Mario Bros. 2 stage: enter Golden Plains, complete with NSMB 2's emphasis on coins! Yeah, coins are everywhere here as well, and can be collected: now everyone who gathers 100 coins first will get a golden form, as opposed to just Mario and Luigi! Becoming a "Gold Fighter" gives players a significant buff in power.
    • There's also 3D Land, a stage based on Super Mario 3D Land. Futhermore, this stage is a scrolling stage, but has a more interesting take on it.
    • And as of July 29, 2014, Sakurai has confirmed a Paper Mario stage for the 3DS. Not only that, but the stage itself transforms into different locations from different Paper Mario games like Hither Thither Hill from Paper Mario: Sticker Star and S.S. Flavion from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
      • It's also confirmed that Bowser's Castle shows up in the Paper Mario stage as well. That's right, Bowser finally has his own castle as a stage!
  • The Wii U version gets its own Fire Emblem stage: the Coliseum!
  • And after months of waiting, there is finally a Star Fox stage, based on the version of the Great Fox from Star Fox Assault, and it looks great.
  • One day later, not wanting to leave the number of stages between versions uneven (again, as it happened with Coliseum and Golden Plains, above), Sakurai revealed that the 3DS version would also get a Megaman stage based on Wily's Castle, and it's a daytime variant of the Wii U version - complete with Yellow Devil! It's nice to see one of the most hyped stages in the new Smash title made available in the portable version as well, as it also might pave the way for other Wii U stages going portable and vice versa, which in turn could open up possibilities for the so-far-considered-impossible option of cross-play between versions.
  • The 3DS version has a stage that takes place inside a Game Boy.
  • Pac-Man's 3DS stage is a very spacious version of his usual maze backdrop, complete with wandering ghosts!
  • The full game has Magicant, a location from the original MOTHER which serves as one massive homage to both it and Earthbound and is absolutely filled with tributes to the series, not to mention the fact that it's just plain beautiful.

Returning Stages
  • Some of the stages from previous games are back, like the Battleship Halberd.
  • The first retro stage shown for the 3DS version? Jungle Japes from Melee!
  • Brinstar and Corneria are in!
  • Then we get Green Hill Zone from Brawl for the 3DS version, meaning the 3DS won't be limited to Melee stages (and the Wii U version won't be limited to Brawl stages, either). Here's hoping for more!
  • Other returning Brawl stages for the 3DS version include Mushroomy Kingdom, Distant Planet, and Yoshi's Island

  • They've brought back the Bumper?
  • Look at that Badass redesign of the Motion-Sensor Bomb!
  • The Smash Ball is back!
  • From The Legend of Zelda series comes the Cucco! You can throw it at opponents to send the Cucco Revenge Squad after them, or attack it so they come after you.
  • Wish you could see Legendary Pokémon more often? Because now there's an item that always contains them: the Master Ball!
    • You can summon Arceus to send opponents plummeting to the ground, or if they're offstage, to their KOs.
    • Unlike most Pokéball summons, Victini and Xerneas boost your attack power and launch power respectively.
  • The Spiny Shell is coming as a new Item! Those in the lead beware.
  • Two words: Super Leaf. Now everyone can float through the air like Peach!
  • Even Namco Bandai gets some items in the game.
    • The Boss Galaga captures whoever is in the tractor beam and flies to the top of the screen.
    • The S-flag give you either an extra stock or adds a KO...So it's like that stock cheat in Item form.
  • Oh, look, it's the Daybreak... OH, GOD! IT'S THE DAYBREAK! It's like the Dragoon, only as a Wave Motion Gun!

  • The Wii U version will have a MASSIVE music library like Brawl did. Many of the composers from Brawl have been confirmed to return with new tracks, as well as several new musicians.
  • For those who like to jam the headphones on and turn up the volume, there's a Sound Test to enjoy. Present and past songs will be included and will play in sleep mode so it can be used as a music player. Nintendo has also created a specific music section on the official Smash Bros website for people to peruse in preparation for the game's release.
  • Many of Xenoblade's most popular songs, whose soundtrack is already pure Awesome Music, are making an appearance, such as Gaur Plains (in two flavors), You Will Know Our Names, and Mechanical Rhythm.

  • Trophies return in the game, and like the stages, both versions will have trophies from handheld and console games!
  • The 3DS version alone has more trophies than Brawl.
  • Hey, are those trophies of The Wonderful 101 I spy?!
  • The multiple Mega Men that appear in Mega Man's Final Smash all have trophies!
  • Even third-party franchises that don't have playable characters can at least appear as trophies, like Rayman!
  • Having trouble getting a specific trophy? Because now you can just buy them with in-game currency or Play Coins, and they even have discounts sometimes.

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