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Fire Emblem Awakening
  • The European release of Fire Emblem Awakening was confirmed shortly before the Japanese launch. Nintendo of America kept the suspense AGAIN for a couple of months, but the American release ended up being confirmed as well mid-way through the E3 2012. And via Twitter after THREE conferences without the announcement showing up. Keeping the suspense indeed, but surely Fire Emblem fans went nuts!
  • There are also those who reacted similarly upon learning that Yusuke Kozaki, the artist of No More Heroes, would be designing the characters.
  • While the paid DLC is a base breaking issue the fact that Nintendo has used it to bring back old characters and maps has been met positively...some just hope the maps and characters will have story importance rather being totally random (which is fair).
  • The news that the Cleric class could promote into NUNSWITHAXES was greeted with immense enthusiasm, likely as a result of the series' history of giving female units limited access to axes (the only real examples being Titania, Ekhidna, and Minerva).
    • Based on the recent trailer, the War Cleric could be a female variation of the Fighter class. Fans rejoiced further at the thought.
    • Nope, they're the male equivalent through the Priest promotion tree. Still, fans seem to like Libera pretty well.
  • Dating Sim elements have been brought to the support system, and pairing some characters allow them to have children.
  • Emmeryn and Walhart will become playable characters via Spotpass.
  • Roy is in this game! a DLC character.
    • So is Marth, meaning you can have Marth and Roy on the same team in the same game!
  • Female Mercenaries and Heroes make appearances. This is the first time they've been seen in an internationally-released game. Celebrations were had.
  • The 6 Spotpass Characters (Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Yen'fay, Aversa, and Priam) getting conversations with each other and other characters in the last Otherworld Resort DLC Chapter! Freakin' finally!
  • The surprisingly early release in the U.S. (now Feb.4th) has had fans fangasming for hours. Some European fans even decided "screw it" and will be getting an American 3DS so they don't have to wait.
    • European players got something to rejoice over in the "Luigi Special Nintendo Direct": A Limited Edition Bundle with a 3DS XL! Totes worth the wait!
  • We now have videos featuring the English voices of the Awakening cast. They don't suck! Even Chrom's voice. Especially Chrom's voice! WOOHOO!
  • And for the people who prefer subs over dubs, the game will have dual audio tracks that you can switch at any time.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Fire Emblem Fates
  • After people criticized Fire Emblem Awakening for not having a Gay Option, there are Same Sex marriages allowed in this one.
  • Gender restrictions have been lifted from classes. That's right, girls can become axefighters and berserkers while guys can ride pegasi.