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04/13/2012 13:50:34 •••

Third season,third best,'s not a Magnum Opus

Digimon Tamers


Dub Voices of: Brian Beacock,Dave Wittenberg,Melissa Fahn,Bridgett Hoffman


Okay I'll admit,I gave up on this season very quickly the first time around. Back,then those ten years ago with Digimon Adventure 02 just finished and also having a taste for Pokemon (yeah I'll admit that to),I expected the series to be like Pokemon,same universe for each season,familiar characters all the time. The rules to mostly be the same,so when I found this show did not have TK or Tai or Matt or Izzy or Ken, and apparently,Digimon could be created by anybody's whim,rather than already existing,that already left a bad impression,and then Rika was a Jerk Ass,and then there was Digital World shown,only told,and then half the time the episodes focused on the boring adults,rather than the kids, I gave up

In hindsight,I wished I had stayed on longer,for then I wouldn't have missed the Character Development they all undergo,especially Impmon,who might arguably be the most developed Digimon character,no question. Giving it a fair trial this time,I found the first few episodes to be a nice Slice Of Life feel,of course it still was formulaic,and focused on Yamaki,but at least I knew what was going on. However it quickly downgraded around the point when Growlmon has to de-digivolve and became as bad as I remembered it,and it didn't really get better until they reached the Digital World.

Now I may be in the minority,but I actually like this Digital World a lot,with it's layers system,and how it's very much like a Wild Wild West. But this is also where Impmon really becomes detestable,and then he kills Leomon which also to greatly understate things,upsets Jeri who is also Takato's crush. This is where all the characters except Kazu,Kenta,and Canon Sue Ryu develop

And this where the weak points other than taking forever to Grow The Beard begin,uneven characterizations plague much of this arc,and this extends to villains,which truthfully there just aren't any. Sure there's the D-Reaper,but it's an extreme Punch Clock Villain, so indirectly the closest thing is Zhuqiaomon whose hatred of humans indirectly caused Leomon's death,which caused Jeri to despair,which caused D-Reapers gain. But he didn't do much

It's superb when it reaches,but it does miss

04/09/2012 00:00:00

Darn it this word limit really puts a damper on things. I wanted to end with "It's superb when it reaches,but it does miss and that can be glaring,however it doesn't take away from the overall quality too much, yeah it's worth a shot. Even if a Kurata would've been just what the show needed"

Can't have everything though

04/13/2012 00:00:00

A Kurata would clash with this season since, one of the themes was that someone is only a villain depending on your point of view, but Kurata was a straight just a straight up villain.

04/13/2012 00:00:00

Unfortunately,you're right,and that's why there are no Complete Monster archetypes,I suppose the D-Reaper could count,but even then it thought it was right.

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