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09/07/2019 13:03:45 •••

A complete mess

Normally, The Abridged Series is meant to serve as a parody of the original work while making the characters out to be parodies of themselves yet still find ways of being likable, and still managing to adhere to The Stations of the Canon in the long run.

This work doesn't do that.

My Hero Abridged is The Abridged Series In Name Only. None of the characters resemble their original selves at all, the plot is completely butchered in the interest of creating an original narrative that reads like a Character Shilling Bakugo fanfic, and it can be painful to watch if you like the original.

But its not solely because its In Name Only that its bad, Sword Art Online Abridged is amazing despite most of the cast barely resembling their canon selves and taking liberties with the plot, since it ultimately ends up improving on canon and fleshing out what was once bare bones or generic. Nor is it the fact most of the characters are unlikable, since again, SAOA has Kirito and Asuna be a pair of sociopathic heroes and yet they can still be funny and actually have Character Development that makes them more likable.

No, its the fact its just so obviously just another Character Shilling work for Bakugou. Bakugou can work as a character because he has flaws, and because he isn't the star of the show, Midoriya is. Not!Bakugou has little flaws after he begins expressing regret over somehow giving Midoriya cancer, he's inexplicably a Polyglot when talking to the french speaking Ashido, everyone keeps singing his praises, and it feels like he's the main character now. Even the one thing that constituted a flaw or mark against him, his giving Midoriya cancer, is then revealed to have not been his fault, but rather Uraraka's fault. Not!Bakugou feels less like Bakugou and more a Black Hole Sue. Nearly everything revolves around him. Even when Midoriya is the focus character, he's a Supporting Protagonist to Bakugou's story.

Unless you can somehow find this series better than the original work it claims to parody, don't bother watching it.

09/03/2019 00:00:00

I knew I wasn't going to agree once I saw who wrote this review. It's basically our history at this point.

As someone who likes the original manga, I sill found My Hero Abridged to be one of the best abridged series in recent memory and in general. The plot and characterization may be Original Flavor, but I dislike failing the show over that because it comes from a narrow definition of what an Abridged Series is allowed to be. Genres evolve all the time, otherwise formulas get stale and no one's work improves. We all saw this when Dragon Ball Z Abridged came up and redefined the formula created by Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series. So many people caught onto that, and now TFS's mold is considered the standard to follow. I don't think My Hero Abridged well ever do that mind you, but I like that it wanted to have its own identity at the expense of being ostracized over it.

About Bakugo, I understand how you can come to the conclusions you did about his handling, but as someone who's apathetic to his canon self I found this Bakugo extremely compelling. He feels like he suffered consequences for his actions and learns from them, and it really helps that his character arc in general is actually interesting to watch compared to the canon offering. For these reasons I also don't share your issues with him being the protagonist after Midoriya came back to life. Besides, that issue is resolved in the movie.

09/07/2019 00:00:00

...Well, I have disagreed intensely with Rebel Falcon in the past. But, as someone who has never seen this show, and who intensely and intemperately loathes Bakugo, this review was very useful to me in terms of communicating that I probably won\'t like or appreciate this particular abridged series, and that, while I haven\'t heard of it before, I\'ll probably be happier steering clear of it going forward. Thanks.

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