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05/17/2018 02:46:21 •••

Very Underwelming But Incredibly Overpromoted

Teen Titans Go is one of those shows that just leaves me bewildered. A show with constant marathons on Cartoon Network, leaving other shows either ending or struggling for life with new episodes after long hiatuses.

A show that talks down to it's audience with Take That, Audience! / Take That, Critics! moments and then turns around and makes creative artistic decisions that ultimately leave the show with the feeling like the writers hate their audience. Being a dark and absurd comedy is one thing. But what sets the show apart from the CN family is how cynical it comes off about what it's adapting from: the 2003 Teen Titans show that has a cult following. It knows who's watching and yet is so adamant on not even trying to actually have substance in the storytelling, it's frustrating to witness.

It's so...meh and yet so awful, it's truly baffling people are still watching Cartoon Network at all given how it actually justifies not even watching set TV channels anymore and just going to streaming services or YouTube to get your animation fix. It's TV situation is so awful, it has it's own Adored by the Network page and that's not a good thing, mind you.

It's frustrating how a show with such unlikable leads and such banal writing has left me feeling like Cartoon Network has learned nothing from Toonami's Naruto or CN's Johnny Test situations from the 2000s. Overpromoting your show is going to kill it's reputation and with TTG, the writers should be ashamed of themselves for actively insulting the fans of 2003 Teen Titans while talking down to their audience.

This show is truly an anomaly. Who are they even trying to appeal to? Everyone? More like nobody where they're headed. Truly awful while also insufferably unfunny and dull.

05/16/2018 00:00:00

You’re completely wrong about TTG! Shame on you! 😡

05/17/2018 00:00:00

@Duke Remington: Seriously, pal, I don't know if you're a troll or if you genuinely are childish enough to think screaming "you're wrong!" without any argument to back up your claim will do any good, but regardless of the answer, stop wasting everyone's time with your nonsense and go get a life!

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